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Kid Chameleon: Radical Override Edit

One year ago, the newest video game craze took the world by storm. Wild Side became a revolutionary smash hit instantly as it was the first video game to use the latest technology in virtual reality, holograms and AI that not only immerse players but physically take them into the game itself. All around the globe, arcades were packed to capacity with lines going on for blocks or even miles. Lines were so long, people camped out and even reserved in advanced to go play. Though, the game itself was too difficult to beat, Wild Side completely dominated the gaming industry. However, a few months after Wild Side went big, something went wrong. Kids started to disappear. It turned out that the games boss, Heady Metal, became self aware and began capturing kids by beating them a the game and keeping them as trophies. Heady set out to capture everyone who entered. Heady was tough, but there was one who was tougher, they call him Kid Chameleon. Heady had messed with the wrong kid. In a climatic final battle, Kid Chameleon defeated Heady and freed the other players. Kid Chameleon became a hero and a legend, afterwards, no one heard from him again. After the incident, parents were outraged at the developers and creator of Wild Side. The public demanded that Wild Side be taken out of arcades, politicians banned Wild Side. The creators refused to see Wild Side destroyed. They had taken the last machine to take apart to analyze and rebuild. Unfortunately, Heady was reactivated and used this opportunity to upload himself first to the company mainframe, then to the the network. He slowly began to take over covertly until he had successfully took control of computers around the world. With the powers he had in the game, began to use it in real life. By the time people caught wind of what was taking over, once again Heady resume his trophy collecting. This time, kids were teleported into the game world at random and defeated. The network could not be shut down under Heady's control and even if they did, it would delete the players. All hope seemed loss.. that is until Kid Chameleon returned. He walked down the path silently, eyes of people starring at him him whispering, some chanting his name and cheering. The doors of new and improved Wild Side had open with Heady's face, excited in expression towards his former foe and what he had in store for him. The whole take over was partly ruse to get the kid out of retirement. As Heady began to laugh menacingly, the kid threw his jacket on the floor, walked inside unmoved by the boss' evil laugh, fearlessly, then vanished inside the new Wild Side... This time, it's for real!

This is just a preview of the first 2 levels in Kid Chameleon Radical Override

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