Under-skull-mountain-1 10000-points

Cyclone bursts open a 10000 points block in Under Skull Mountain 1.

A 10,000 points prize block is one of the most valuable prizes collectible in Kid Chameleon.

10,000 blocks are the rarest item in the game, and appear almost exclusively in secret areas or secret levels with only 29 in the entire game. They are the only way to increase your score within a level, since all other bonuses are added after you touch a flag.

A player can easily complete the game without even noticing their existence, and actually, they're only useful for players aiming for hi-scores. However, 10,000 blocks are indispensable to trigger the 100,000 points trip.

Note that you can indeed get extra lives by grabbing 10,000 point blocks. However, there is no fanfare and the lives counter will silently increase by one if you pass a 50,000 point threshold. 

Also, just like Juggernaut, they are rare in the game, and absent in stage 2!


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