Alien Isle is an evil level in Kid Chameleon.

Alien Isle
Sources: Beneath the Twisted Hills, Elsewhere 29
Exits: The Land Below
Theme: Island
Helmets: Eyeclops Helmet(2) Maniaxe Helmet(6) Micromax Helmet(1)
Prizes: Island Ankh(1) Island Clock(2) Island Coin(1) Island Diamond(13) Island 10Diamonds(1)
Enemies: Robot-2(6) UFO-2(5) UFO-Pilot-2(5)
Speed Bonus: N/A
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x30
Map Nr: 0x10
Map Theme: 0x4
Level Size X: 8 screens
Level Size Y: 3 screens
Grid Size: 6720 squares


You start the level in the top left. The goal is in the bottom right, the opposite side.

There are basically two sections of the level: an inside maze, where you zig-zag through ghost blocks, fake walls and other shenanigans to the exit on the top right, and an outside part, where there are large pillars you have to pass by using elevator blocks.

There are plenty of UFOs around, especially in the second part. Since you have to stand on the elevator blocks and wait for them to activate, and the UFOs attack from above with no way to retaliate, it is very hard to not die repeatedly on this level.

To get Maniaxe, drop down through the hole at the start. There is a hidden teleporter on the right, so you do not need to worry about getting up with the elevator blocks. There is also a refill behind a few ghost blocks (crawl in) on the left before getting out of the indoors part.

To get Eyeclops, just go right. Watch out for the drill blocks (wait until they activate and retract, and then pass). You can run through the ghost blocks without risk of getting killed, as long as you don't crawl.

To get Micromax, jump to reveal a hidden P-block on the left below the platforms of ghost blocks inside. Altough he has no offensive power, he is recommended for this level because of the pillars that have to be traversed. This is a very good place to use the force, Luke, if you have spare diamonds. Micromax's diamond snake does short work of the UFOs while you climb towards the goal.

Between the pillars, there are usually teleporters that you can use if you messed up the elevator blocks. Frequently there are also Maniaxe refills hidden in the corners.


  • There is a hollow wall in the bottom right corner of the inside part, just after an ice staircase. Inside is a robot, a few diamonds, a clock and a coin.

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