Alien Twilight
Sources: Towers of Blood, The Crypt, Elsewhere 20, Elsewhere 22
Exits: Secrets in the Rocks
Theme: City
Helmets: Juggernaut Helmet(1) Maniaxe Helmet(2) Red Stealth Helmet(7)
Prizes: City(AT) Clock(6) City(AT) Diamond(41) City(AT) 10Diamonds(3)
Enemies: Robot-1(4) UFO-1(8) UFO-Pilot-1(8)
Speed Bonus: N/A
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x42
Map Nr: 0x17
Map Theme: 0xA
Level Size X: 8 screens
Level Size Y: 3 screens
Grid Size: 6720 squares

Alien Twilight is a City-themed level in Kid Chameleon.


You have the choice between two paths here, the sewer and the roof tops. If you arrive here as Micromax it may be best to keep him and advance the top route. Otherwise get the Red Stealth helmet right at the start. Go right but be careful not to drop through the hole in the ground, since the top route is still easier with him.

At the top you have to carefully jump over the roofs. Once you fall down, you're most likely dead, since there are several UFOs looming up there, ready to vaporize you with their death beam. All the Prize blocks contain just Diamonds and aren't really worth the trouble. At the end, drop down and advance into the sewer. There is no exit above the ground. Down in the sewer go left and climb the iron stairs. Be careful since there are a few Drill blocks mixed in there. The top right of the six prize blocks contains another Red Stealth helmet to let you finish the level. Hack your way through the Rock blocks and stand on the Teleporter to leave the level.

If you dropped into the sewer at the start, go right. The left path leads into a death chamber with a Robot and several Shooter blocks that will destroy the Ice blocks and open a bottomless pit to make you fall to your death. So, go right, but the pattern of ice blocks to walk over and shooter blocks to destroy them will continue there as well. Better keep the Red Stealth and take the first teleporter out of this level.

Both teleporters lead to Secrets in the Rocks, but different areas in that level.


  • This level has the most sources: a total of 4.
  • Although this is a City themed level, it uses a different palette than the rest of them, much similar to Stairway to Oblivion has a different palette than the rest of the Cave levels.
  • There is a passage in one of the buildings that can only be crossed with Micromax (the bright green stripe in one of the buildings). What is strange though, is that unlike with other hidden passages Micromax will not walk behind the wall, but rather on the wall, possibly a bug.

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