An Ankh is a collectable prize or item in Kid Chameleon. Each ankh is worth 1 extra life. Ankh - Animation (100%)

Each ankh can only be released once from its prize block. If you collect an ankh in a level, die and try to get the ankh again, the same prize block will contain a diamond this time. You don't need to pick up the ankh in your first visit: releasing it is enough. (This also happens with 10 Diamonds, Coins and 10,000 point prizes.)

Besides its value as a new chance to complete a level, ankhs are suitable treasures to measure a player's skill. Those who don't find a challenge in completing the game anymore, may still try to compete for the highest score and/or the highest number of ankhs and coins.

Trivia Edit

  • During the game's beta stage, the Ankh counter used to be located at the top left corner of the screen, instead of the top right, as shown by this image that appeared in Sega Visions magazine in late 1991.
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