Archers are bow-and-arrow wielding statue enemies in Kid Chameleon.


A red sun rises. Blood has been spilled this night.

Description Edit

Since they're statues, archers never actually move, and are therefore pretty easy to take care of. When killed, their little heads will crack off into a rocky heap. They come in 3 colors, and are only found in four levels.

Attack Edit

While Kid is in their sight, archers will periodically shoot arrows forward or diagonally upwards. Dodging them may not simply be enough, as the arrows will always home in on Kid; sometimes they'll even make complete circles. They're most infuriating when in a group of other enemies, because while you're taking care of the most aggressive ones, several Archers' homing arrows drain your hit points.


Archers are encountered in the following levels:

Archer-1 Archer-2 Archer-3
Devil's Marsh 2 Wind Castles 1 Scorpion Isle
Hoverboard Beach

Bug Edit

Sometimes, an archer won't die right away when attacked. They won't attack nor die if hit again during this pre-death state. Interestingly enough, if you are in midair when the archer finally decides to die, the game will think you jumped on it, giving you an extra bounce while in midair. This can be useful in Wind Castles 1 when trying to traverse the floating islands.

The extra bounce also occurs when hitting the archer with a projectile, as it appears they were never programmed properly to be hit by a projectile while the player is in midair.

Axe Climb

The Archer death bug exploited in the mod KCX.

K-E NotesEdit

While it will not occur in an unmodified game, and thus is only possible through hacking, Archers are locked in place and will stand in midair until killed - they will not fall or die upon appearance, as some other stationary enemies will.