This is a page that has Roms and Levels Made by Armand69. These Projects are here for anyone signed into this wiki can download them, patch them and play and enjoy them!

|Title = Kid Chameleon Cam Levels

Kid Chameleon Cam Levels (1)

|Difficulty = 3

TimeSpent = 1 week

|DownloadLink =

Kid Chameleon 3 Super Ultimate

Kid Chameleon 3 Super Ultimate

Difficulty = 5

TimeSpent = 2 weeks

Download Link=

Kid Chameleon The Armand Levels

Kid Chameleon Armand Levels

Difficulty = 4

Time Spent = 20 hours

Download Link=

Kid Chameleon Mazetraps of the mountains Edition

Kid Chameleon Mazetraps of the Mountains edition


Time Spent=2 days

Download Link=

Kid Chameleon Beneath the Swamps Edition
Kid Chameleon beneath the Swamp Edition
Author editor: Armand69
Current version: 1.0
Difficulty (1/10): 3
Time spent: 2 Days and 4 Hours
Maps stage 1: Show maps
Maps stage 2: Show maps
Maps stage 3: Show maps
Maps stage 4: Show maps
Download: [1]
Stage 1
Map:0x4A Yes Map:0x4B Yes Map:0x2D {{{Map:0x2D}}}
Map:0x2E {{{Map:0x2E}}} Map:0x01 {{{Map:0x01}}} Map:0x61 {{{Map:0x61}}}
Map:0x00 {{{Map:0x00}}} Map:0x02 {{{Map:0x02}}} Map:0x5E {{{Map:0x5E}}}
Map:0x0E {{{Map:0x0E}}} Map:0x54 {{{Map:0x54}}} Map:0x56 {{{Map:0x56}}}
Map:0x18 {{{Map:0x18}}} Map:0x5F {{{Map:0x5F}}} Map:0x1D {{{Map:0x1D}}}
Map:0x3D {{{Map:0x3D}}} Map:0x37 {{{Map:0x37}}} Map:0x60 {{{Map:0x60}}}
Map:0x2C {{{Map:0x2C}}} Map:0x2B {{{Map:0x2B}}} Map:0x55 {{{Map:0x55}}}
Map:0x30 {{{Map:0x30}}} Map:0x13 {{{Map:0x13}}}
Stage 2
Map:0x4C {{{Map:0x4C}}} Map:0x49 {{{Map:0x49}}} Map:0x5D {{{Map:0x5D}}}
Map:0x14 {{{Map:0x14}}} Map:0x16 {{{Map:0x16}}} Map:0x62 {{{Map:0x62}}}
Map:0x32 {{{Map:0x32}}} Map:0x0F {{{Map:0x0F}}} Map:0x0B {{{Map:0x0B}}}
Map:0x0C {{{Map:0x0C}}} Map:0x3F {{{Map:0x3F}}} Map:0x64 {{{Map:0x64}}}
Map:0x40 {{{Map:0x40}}} Map:0x34 {{{Map:0x34}}} Map:0x67 {{{Map:0x67}}}
Map:0x1C {{{Map:0x1C}}} Map:0x47 {{{Map:0x47}}} Map:0x03 {{{Map:0x03}}}
Map:0x75 {{{Map:0x75}}} Map:0x27 {{{Map:0x27}}} Map:0x21 {{{Map:0x21}}}
Map:0x0D {{{Map:0x0D}}} Map:0x6E {{{Map:0x6E}}} Map:0x6C {{{Map:0x6C}}}
Stage 3
Map:0x4F {{{Map:0x4F}}} Map:0x4D {{{Map:0x4D}}} Map:0x19 {{{Map:0x19}}}
Map:0x66 {{{Map:0x66}}} Map:0x53 {{{Map:0x53}}} Map:0x6D {{{Map:0x6D}}}
Map:0x04 {{{Map:0x04}}} Map:0x0A {{{Map:0x0A}}} Map:0x68 {{{Map:0x68}}}
Map:0x5C {{{Map:0x5C}}} Map:0x25 {{{Map:0x25}}} Map:0x26 {{{Map:0x26}}}
Map:0x6F {{{Map:0x6F}}} Map:0x35 {{{Map:0x35}}} Map:0x3E {{{Map:0x3E}}}
Map:0x36 {{{Map:0x36}}} Map:0x78 {{{Map:0x78}}} Map:0x15 {{{Map:0x15}}}
Map:0x70 {{{Map:0x70}}} Map:0x2F {{{Map:0x2F}}} Map:0x31 {{{Map:0x31}}}
Map:0x77 {{{Map:0x77}}} Map:0x74 {{{Map:0x74}}}
Stage 4
Map:0x3B {{{Map:0x3B}}} Map:0x63 {{{Map:0x63}}} Map:0x69 {{{Map:0x69}}}
Map:0x12 {{{Map:0x12}}} Map:0x5A {{{Map:0x5A}}} Map:0x65 {{{Map:0x65}}}
Map:0x22 {{{Map:0x22}}} Map:0x6B {{{Map:0x6B}}} Map:0x41 {{{Map:0x41}}}
Map:0x71 {{{Map:0x71}}} Map:0x17 {{{Map:0x17}}} Map:0x6A {{{Map:0x6A}}}
Map:0x33 {{{Map:0x33}}} Map:0x08 {{{Map:0x08}}} Map:0x4E {{{Map:0x4E}}}
Map:0x58 {{{Map:0x58}}} Map:0x7D {{{Map:0x7D}}} Map:0x11 {{{Map:0x11}}}
Map:0x7C {{{Map:0x7C}}} Map:0x7A {{{Map:0x7A}}} Map:0x3A {{{Map:0x3A}}}
Map:0x57 {{{Map:0x57}}} Map:0x10 {{{Map:0x10}}} Map:0x59 {{{Map:0x59}}}
Map:0x7B {{{Map:0x7B}}} Map:0x39 {{{Map:0x39}}} Map:0x79 {{{Map:0x79}}}
Map:0x72 {{{Map:0x72}}} Map:0x38 {{{Map:0x38}}} Map:0x73 {{{Map:0x73}}}
Map:0x3C {{{Map:0x3C}}} Map:0x76 {{{Map:0x76}}} Map:0x05 {{{Map:0x05}}}

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