Bagel Brothers
Bagel brothers
Sources: The Nightmare Peaks 2
Exits: Diamond Edge
Theme: City
Helmets: Berzerker Helmet(2) Eyeclops Helmet(2) Iron Knight Helmet(1) Red Stealth Helmet(2)
Prizes: City Clock(3) City Diamond(8)
Enemies: Boss(3)
Speed Bonus: 220 seconds
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x2A
Map Nr: 0x74
Map Theme: 0xA
Level Size X: 2 screens
Level Size Y: 2 screens
Grid Size: 1120 squares

The Bagel Brothers are the third boss of the game Kid Chameleon, set in a city area.


Like the Boomerang Bosses of Stage 2, the boss consists of three disembodied heads that float around. Like the boss of Stage 1, Shishkaboss, the heads spit green balls that travels horizontally for a short period before exploding. These explosions sustain themselves until a short period of time or until you destroy them with a jump or other attack. The heads generally tend to scroll horizontally across the screen at varying speeds, frequently going outside the screen.

An EyeClops helmet is located in the left P-block of two visible P-blocks situated on the left side of the stage. Another one can be found underneath one of the bottom left platforms.

Each head takes 30 hits to kill. Upon defeating all the heads, the player will proceed to the first level of Stage 4, Diamond Edge.

It may be smart to take out the top head first, because if it is the last head left, it is near impossible to hurt it(Unless you're Red Stealth or Berzerker, but even then it is inconvenient. A good strategy is when the top head is somewhat low, enough to jump on, do it. You can bounce between the head and the ceiling with no damage. You can kill the top head easily this way.


  • Two hidden Berzerker helmets can be found, one underneath one of the larger platforms on the left side of the screen, one in the sewer on the right. The latter may only be revealed with Eyeclops.
  • Two hidden Red Stealth helmets can be found on the right side of the screen, one underneath the highest platform on the far right, and one in the rightmost part of the sewer portion of the stage. The latter can only be revealed with the Eyeclops.
  • An Iron Knight helmet can be found under the middle platform on the very left. It is hard to reach without Red Stealth.


  • Clocking in at 220 seconds, this level has the highest speed bonus in the game.
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