My love for you is like a truck berzerk-eeeer!

Berzerker is one of the playable characters —actually, one of the forms that the only playable character can take— in the platform videogame Kid Chameleon. He is a zany punk anarchist in a horned helmet who's able to charge at enemies and blocks, bull style.


AKA: Mohawk guy, Mihura, Rhino, Silver Dude, Marathon Runner, Bam-Bam
Special Abilities:
  • Charge. Just walk or run along and you will destroy enemies (often in one hit) and blocks. A few enemies are resistant to this attack (the tank, for instance). Rock and ice blocks can be broken, but only one column of them at a time. Prize blocks are destroyed when charged at, not burst open. Steel blocks can be pushed away, and they will swipe along any enemy in their path.
Diamond Powers:
  • Invincibility (20 diamonds — lasts for about 9 seconds only, but it is true invincibility)
  • Diamond Wall (50 diamonds — a vertical row of diamonds swipes through the screen, killing enemies as it hits them).
  • Kills tough enemies in one hit.
  • Charging at enemies is useless in the last levels, when they're faster than you.


Helmet berzerker
Light gray Marvel-style suit, three horns, black shades, and long tail.


The Berserker's only ability is to act like a punk, bullying enemies around and destroying the furniture.


Berzerker is among the least agile transformations. He can jump up to 6 blocks in height.


Berzerk's weapons are his horns. The SPECIAL button has no use in this costume; the Rhino will bend over and run head first after a few steps.

It takes about 2½ blocks of run-up to start charging (only takes 2 blocks when walking). It's tricky to charge at things while jumping or use jumping as run-up, but it can be done sometimes.

Berzerker's attack is the most effective weapon in the game: it's the only thing that can kill mutiple-hit enemies with one impact.

A few enemies are immune to charges: Tanks are too tough, so Berzerker will bounce off. So happens with Goats and Armadillos when they charge, but both these monsters can be charged to death when they themselves are NOT charging. Hands creep too low to get hit and will inevitably grab Berzerker when he runs past them.

Scorpions will sometimes resist a Berzerker charge, depending on what level you are in (see the Scorpion page for more info on this). If in the wrong level, you'll bounce off and end up in front of the angry Scorpion. However, there is a way to kill a Scorpion every time: a crawling charge. Charge the scorpion, and just before you impact, hold crouch as well as forwards. Time it right and you can safely kill the scorpion.

Spinning Twins can be sent to hell by horn mail once separated, but hitting them while they're engaged also cause him to rebound. Fire Demons are dangerous to charge at, though make a pretty nice flame effect if you succeed. The fire elemental itself can be charged safely, but the fire trail it leaves behind will hurt Berzerker. It's possible to charge the fire elemental and then immediately jump to avoid the fire trail, with good timing.

For all enemies that can be charged, only the first frame of their death animation sequence will be shown as they plunge beneath the earth.

Chargeable Enemies (send 'em to hell!)

Enemies That Only Take 1HP Damage

Pushable Enemies (push distance is determined by your speed)

Enemies That Push You Back (push distance is determined by your speed)

Unchargeable Enemies (pass right through them and take damage)


The Berzerker helmet allows great interaction with the KC environment, not only with enemies (if you understand mindless destroying as interaction). Besides monsters, you can charge at blocks, either following the game designer's plans or even finding interesting backdoors to solve levels and bringing chaos to carefully designed maps.

Berzerker usually destroys two blocks in one charge (by directly hitting, that is). This is enough to walk through the gap. It is possible to smash three blocks by an extremely well-timed jump exactly as you hit your target, or one block by crouching before you hit your target.

When crouching to hit an object, one can make use of a simple glitch: If you are a large, indefinite number of blocks away from your target, all you need to do is get a charging start and crawl the rest of the way. Upon reaching your target, it will automatically be destroyed, regardless of how slowly or how long you have crawled.

Berzerker levels feature rock walls that must be smashed to continue.

Prize blocks are destroyed by a charge, not opened.

Ice blocks shoot forward lethal icicles when smashed, which turns them into useful distance weapons.

Steel blocks are not destroyed, but pushed forward. Once pushed, the steel block will continue to fly horizontally and not stop until it collides with another block (of any kind), a wall in the terrain or the edge of the level, killing any enemy in the way. This technique to exterminate monsters is called steelswiping.

Although they look exactly the same, drill blocks can't be pushed.

Even though Mushroom blocks can be destroyed by bullets from Shooter blocks or icicles from Ice blocks, they cannot be destroyed by Berzerker.

Berzerker Charging Bullets

Berzerker showing off his skills once again...

Berzerker can also charge or cancel out bullets moving vertically or horizontally from Shooter blocks or icicles from Ice blocks. If one of these projectiles happens to come into Berzerker's charging range, they will just cancel out and disappear into thin air, without giving him any damage! This can be observed in the vertical direction if you allow Berzerker to run over a row of Shooter blocks that contain an upward targeting direction. Close inspection will reveal that the bullets hit Berzerker in the center of the helmet, but are still cancelled, regardless. The best stage to witness this ability of Berzerker is in the upper left chamber of Tunnels Beneath the Woods, as shown in the picture to the right (You will need to grab a Berzerker helmet from Elsewhere 23 first, as there are no Berzerker helmets in that level).


Berzerker is often a compulsory helmet: it is easy to put the player in a situation whence only Berzerker can escape. Since you will be forced to put the helmet on often, do whatever you need to keep it: he is also useful to escape delicate situations and save you a lot of time.

Berzerker helmets can be found in the following levels:

Stage 1Edit

Stage 2Edit

Stage 3Edit

Stage 4Edit


  • Berzerker is the first helmet you must pick up during the game in order to progress, at the beginning of Highwater Pass 1.

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