Coral blade grotto

Okay, who gave a Mini Hopping Skull a growth potion?

Big Hopping Skulls are rather rare enemies in Kid Chameleon.


Big Hopping Skulls are the bigger variant of the annoying Mini Hopping Skulls. They seem to have something between two and five hit points, and this may vary within the same level.


Big Hopping Skulls jump back and forth. There's a big spike on the bottom of them too. When you jump on one, his spike gets stuck in the ground and he has to yank it out with prodigious grunting before he can do any more hopping. You can probably imagine what this process looked like to every 9 year old boy who played this game. Being made a laughingstock for dirty minded pre-pubescent boys seems to irritate him, and makes him want you to die (he tells you so.) While his spike is stuck, he's too busy to hurt you. However, If you stand "inside" him when he pulls free again, he'll take a hit point from you with a vengeance. A bug with this enemy exists, where if you damage them by any other means than jumping, the spike still gets stuck in the ground.


The Big Hopping Skull doesn't have any attack, apart from jumping at you.


The Big Hopping Skulls are not worth the time it takes to kill them. Just jump over them (or on them) and continue your quest.


Big Hopping Skulls are found in the following levels:

Big-Hopping-Skull-1 Big-Hopping-Skull-2 Big-Hopping-Skull-3
Hills of the Warrior 1 Coral Blade Grotto The Shimmering Caves