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Blizzard Mountain
Sources: Wind Castles 2
Exits: Caves of Ice, Frosty Doom
Theme: Ice
Helmets: Micromax Helmet(4)
Prizes: Ice Ankh(1) Ice Clock(4) Ice Diamond(4)
Enemies: Fireball-2(6) Mini-Hopping-Skull-3(4)
Speed Bonus: 60 seconds
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: Snowstorm
Map data
Level Nr: 0x26
Map Nr: 0x35
Map Theme: 0x2
Level Size X: 6 screens
Level Size Y: 4 screens
Grid Size: 6720 squares

Blizzard Mountain is an Ice themed level in Kid Chameleon.

Walkthrough Edit

Grab the Micromax helmet from the P block right above your head. Jump over the gap to the right, and for this you might need to climb up the left wall and jump off it, or use the rubber block. Once in this section, climb up the left wall, jump down onto the mushroom blocks and take the right opening in the cave. Keep walking/jumping right, avoiding the Mini Hopping Skulls and fireballs, until there is a wall of rock blocks and shooter blocks. There should be a thin hole in the floor just before this; fall down it and walk right into a secret tunnel. From here you are given two choices, walk straight forward onto a telepad that will lead you to Frosty Doom, or take the flag to Caves of Ice. Any sane Kid Chameleon player would tell you to take the flag, because the teleporter will inevitably lead you to the horrific and highly stressful Bloody Swamp. So, to take the flag, come underneath the rock block wall, and break the rock blocks with the shooter blocks. The flag will be just to the right. If you think you can tough it out, just walk straight onto the teleporter... and good luck...

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