• Weegeespider

    Le Maps

    June 16, 2017 by Weegeespider

    Posting all my maps here for reference, gonna start working out Editor stuff once my computer gets fixed up. Hopefully I can make something worth while ^.^ 1st Post: Rough Map of Final few areas of KCV (The Name I've chosen, if someone else needs that name then eh since it's not fully made you can swipe it)

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  • Skar800

    New Project

    February 8, 2017 by Skar800

    Hello, this time I got Return to Wildside's successor, my new project. Unlike the afromentioned hack, there would a balanced difficult within levels, just like the original game, though secret detours may be tougher than the regular levels. Also, the routes will be designed in order that everyone could achieve speedrun records, not just the best skilled people here. As an extra, I'll reuse some small elements from Ultimate Kid Chameleon and Return to Wildside.

    Here, I finally decided to release a beta.

    Note: Level names aren't changed and they're only playable until "Sinister Sewers", winning that round will lead to a black screen. The same thing will happen when exiting from an Elsewhere accesible from "Hills of the Warrior 2".

    And I strongly…

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  • Skar800

    Skar800 Projects

    February 7, 2017 by Skar800

    This blog is dedicated to the previous and recent projects of Kid Chameleon created by user Skar800.

    New Project (active)

    Ultimate Kid Chameleon (complete)

    Skar800's levels (complete)

    Return to Wildside (cancelled)

    Hard Version (cancelled)

    New Edition (cancelled)

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  • Lord Molyb

    What are Wikia Blogs?

    August 4, 2016 by Lord Molyb


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  • Weegeespider

    Level Ideas

    July 2, 2016 by Weegeespider

    Gonna be jotting a bunch of level ideas down here.

    Heavenly Hell: A traditional cave level with many lava fountains and hidden mini-skulls. Helmets include Cyclone and Skycutter.

    Morbid Hole: Definitely some sort of Cave level. Helmets include Maniaxe and/or Red Stealth

    Familiar Oak: a late game level that mimics Blue Lake Woods 1, except with alot more challenging enemies. Helmets would be the same as Blue Lake Woods 1, so Iron Knight. Might possibly replace the extra life block with a coin and put drill blocks around it.

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  • Weegeespider

    I'M BACK!!!

    Definitely didn't forget about this wiki for a while...heheheh...

    Kid Chameleon

    MY Top 8 HARDEST levels (get it? WeegeeSPIDER, Top 8? Hahahaha-sorry) :

    All of these are judged by the fact that you start as the kid, whilst most videos listed do not follow this rule, it is still rather easy to tell how difficult it would be had you started with him. Also, all of these videos are not recorded by me and all credit goes to their creators.

    1. (Final Marathon)

    2. (Alien Isle)

    3. (Alien Twilight)

    4. (Monster Island)

    5. (Ice God’s Vengeance)

    6. (Forced Entry)

    7. (The Forbidd…

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  • Weegeespider

    Best Times

    October 18, 2015 by Weegeespider

    I'm going to be playing Kid Chameleon alot more now in hopes of getting the Speed Bonus in every level achievable,then posting my record here (obviously I am Not a pro,but whatever,and also not down to the milisecond)

    Characters listed on each level are characters that have been used the most throughout the run)

    3 MINUTES TO WIN IT CHALLENGE! (make it to atleast Under Skull Mountain I in a span of 3 minutes using FLAGS ONLY!!!): Completed.

    Blue Lake Woods I:00:18 (Kid)

    Blue Lake Woods II:00:20 (Kid)

    Highwater Pass I:00:55 (Iron Knight)

    Highwater Pass II:

    Under Skull Mountain III:00:46 (Cyclone)

    Isle of the Lion Lord: 00:05 (Cyclone)

    Hills of the Warrior l: 

    Hills of the Warrior ll:

    Windy City: 00:38 (Red Stealth)

    Sinister Sewers: 00:38 (Mini-Max)

    The C…

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  • Weegeespider

    WHat the What?

    October 18, 2015 by Weegeespider

    So ummm....

    Side-note yes this is a Laptop Emulator of the game.

    This was honestly more speedrun-stopping than having to give up Cyclone for Iron Knight on Pyramids of Peril 

    always hated doing that.

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  • Weegeespider

    WinSlinator,I challenge you to a battle with hell itself aka what i consider to be the HARDEST route possibly taken by any Kid Chameleon Player

    Prove Your Worth (P.S. Your Awsome) 

    Complete Stages/Elsewheres connecting to/leading to the next in this hellish order:

    Flag every level up to Dragonspike

    The Pinnacle 

    Hidden Canyon

    Stormwalk Mountain

    Continue flagging levels till Devil's Marsh 

    The Caged Beasts

    Elsewhere 6

    Devil's Marsh II

    Flag levels till Pyramids of Peril 

    (You aren't allowed to take Elsewhere 8)

    Madmaze Mountain

    The Forbidden Tombs 

    Stairway To Oblivion

    The Deadly Skyscraper  

    Flag all levels until Blizzard Mountain 

    Frosty Doom

    Bloody Swamp (OH GOD!!! P.S. no taking Elsewhere 15 on Frosty Doom) 

    The Nightmare Peaks 

    Flag levels up till Diamond E…

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  • Sen7

    I found a rip of all the kid chameleon sound effects on the internet so I downloaded it made a song. I also ripped the Kid Chameleon drum samples and put the in a soundfont so I could add extra depth to the song. Obviously, it sounds a bit empty but there isn't alot you can do with these sound. Anyway, I hope you all like it...

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  • Tyadran

    9/13/2013 - I Am The Champions

    September 15, 2013 by Tyadran

    I would just like to say.

    I beat Kid Chameleon for the first time.

    Yes, I used savestates (rarely), but it was simply to save time when failing a level instead of walking back. So while it's not technically a legitimate run, I didn't actually cheat either.

    But I actually won, guys!!!

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  • Saxman727

    Awesome TAS Video

    May 4, 2010 by Saxman727

    This is a TAS recording of my puzzle map from emusega!

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  • Saxman727

    Stage 5 Project

    March 29, 2010 by Saxman727

    I've been pondering the possibility of doing a fifth stage for Kid Chameleon to add an extra 25 levels to the game since there are enough empty map slots in the ROM to support it. I have done a little test run over the past couple of days with my KC level editor, and here's a map I came up with:

    To run the new map, use the PAR codes 100000:006A and 10016E:45FF. Do a soft reset after enabling these codes and when you go to begin the game, it should take you to the brand new map I created.

    It's mostly complete, aside from a few minor details (like detailing the rocks.) I am curious what you think of the difficulty, how you like the design, and so on. This is just one map I'm considering …

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