Splash Cave

Cave is one of the themes for the levels in Kid Chameleon. K-E recognizes it as theme 0x8.


The cave levels are the only ones that take place exclusively indoors. There are, though, areas where the background is visible and areas where it is not. Skulls ornament the walls.

There are actually three palettes for this theme. The standard one is seen on most levels, such as Under Skull Mountain 1, the second one in blue hue with greenish background, seen on Stairway to Oblivion. The blocks there look almost identical to the ones on ice-themed levels. The third one is the same as the standard one, except the color of the diamonds and lava is different and it is only used for Plethora.


Two common helmets early on are Maniaxe and Juggernaut, perhaps in keeping with the skull theme.


Emo Rocks are commonplace. Hazardous lava lies on the bottom of many cave levels, sometimes sprouting up like geysers. This happens for example in Under Skull Mountain 2 and The Black Pit.


There is a rock that is loaded into VRAM on that maps that have lava shooting up. This rock is never used anywhere in the game. Using K-E, the rock graphics can be ripped directly from the ROM. The image on the right shows the VRAM compared to the data found in the ROM. All of rock graphics are clearly intact in VRAM except the last couple sprites that show the rock being blown apart.

The sprites of this unused rock are identical of the Snowballs from Hail levels, therefore, it can be considered as a grey pallete-swap of the Snowballs.

List of Cave levelsEdit

The following levels carry the Cave theme:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4


  • It's possible that the green eyes from the splash screen could be a reference of Plethora.