These aren't the happy little clouds that you see in Mario games, but instead dark, angry ones that unleash lightning bolts of fury onto the player.


This enemy is somewhat of a pain sometimes. It usually flies high above you, and has several ranges of shooting lightning bolts. The best technique to avoiding them is to duck under platforms(such as in Diamond Edge), but be careful of their diagonal shooting ability. Clouds come in 2 colors: grey and gold. Each take one hit to kill.


It only moves horizontally, and at a slow pace at that. It'll turn around when it hits an obstacle.

It has three directions it can fire - horizontally forward, vertically downward, or diagonally forward/downward. It will fire if you venture into any of those viewpoints. You're safe if you are above or behind it.


Any hit will kill them, but they tend to fly quite high, so you may not be killing many Clouds unless you are Cyclone.


Clouds are encountered in the following levels:

Cloud-1 Cloud-2 Cloud-3
Elsewhere 17 Diamond Edge Never used in game!
Forced Entry The Hills Have Eyes
Pyramids of Peril The Nightmare Peaks 2
Skydragon Castle 1 Wind Castles 1
Skydragon Castle 2
The Deadly Skyscrapers
Tunnels Beneath the Woods

Bug Edit

If a cloud detects you, but turns around before actually firing its lightning bolt, the cloud will still fire in the original direction. This can cause the bolt to be shot horizontally or diagonally behind the cloud, except the sprite and hitbox will be mirrored. Therefore, a backwards diagonal shot is extremely hard to expect and to avoid, as it basically amounts to a large sheet of lightning being hurled at you.