A Coin is a collectable prize or item in Kid Chameleon. Each coin is worth 1 continue. Coin - Animation (100%)

Coins look just like what they are: spinning golden or silver coins (the color depends on the level's theme) that produce a very peculiar tune and a strange scratch or giggle when picked up.

There is no permanent continue counter on screen, but you can see how many you have left in the score screen or in the continue screen. Each game starts with 3 continues.

Each coin can only be released once from its prize block. If you collect a coin in a level, die and try to get the coin again, the same prize block will contain a diamond this time. This will also occur if you re-visit the area after using teleporters. You don't need to pick up the coin in your first visit: releasing it is enough. (This also happens with ankhs and 10,000 point prizes.)

Besides its value as a new chance to complete a level, coins are suitable treasures to measure a player's skill. Those who don't find a challenge in completing the game anymore, may still try to compete for the highest score and/or the highest number of ankhs and coins.

Trivia Edit

Taking damage on the frame a coin is collected results in no hit point loss. If you instead time over on the same frame, you will be able to play for an extra second.

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