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As in any other platformer, continues are a player's opportunity to resume the game after losing all their lives, sparing them to start from scratch. Players start the game with 3 lives and 3 continues (i.e. 12 lives). Just as you earn more lives by collecting ankhs, you earn continues by collecting coins.

After losing your last life, the continue screen will appear, letting you know how many continues you have left and your final score. Press the start button to start a new game from the same level—but be quick! If you wait too long on the continue screen, the game will fade out to the Sega logo, and you must start all over. You have just under 9 seconds before this will happen, which should be plenty of time as long as you're paying attention.

Starting from a new continue gives you 3 brand new lives, but your score and diamond counts will both be reset to zero.

The number of continues you have left also appears on the score screen when you finish a level.

After you lose your last continue, the fatal Game Over message will appear.

Trivia Edit

  • You can avoid ever losing a continue by executing what is known as the infinite lives glitch.
  • After performing the above glitch, you can then gain a life to increase your count to 0 lives. Touching a flag or taking a telepad in this state triggers a soft reset, and the game will dump you out straight to the Sega logo with no continue or game over screen.