A crab. (Crabbis vulgaris)

Crabs (aka Crabuloids) are enemies in the game Kid Chameleon. Their most remarkable feature is that they have no attacking abilities, but they can defend themselves.


Crab set
Crabs are big slow walking crustaceans. When defending, they stop and duck to take cover under their hard shells. Crabs adopt this defensive position when the player's character jumps in their vicinity, or when attacked with a weapon from a close range.

Also, crabs do not take any damage from an attack from behind, no matter the distance: their shell deflects any sword, axe or skull-bomb.

They come in three colors: red, blue and gold. They take two or three hits to die.


Crabs use to walk straight and turn around on finding an obstacle or a step, so they never leave the platform where the almighty programmer first put them.

Crabs do turn around sometimes, if you try to sneak from behind and reach a close distance.

They have no particular attack, but they will finally hurt you if you insist on trying to attack them in a hand-to-hand (foot to head) combat.


Crab pic

See the cunning crab ducking to deflect an accurately flung axe from Jason.

First of all, crabs are absolutely immune to any of your attacks when they have their backs turned to you.

Second point: no matter which direction they're looking, they duck when you jump above them. If you try to stomp them, you will just bounce off.

Third point: when they're facing you, they duck as a response to any attack if you're too close (about four blocks in distance).

Fourth point: They are immune to most diamond powers.


So, to sum up: the only efficient way to kill a crab is to throw axes or shoot skulls at them, whilst facing them, and from a fair distance (at least four blocks ahead).


Crabs are rare enemies, since they are only found in two levels in stage 2: Knight's Isle (it has only two crabs) and Crab Cove. They also dwell in two Woods-themed similar Elsewhere levels in Stage 4: Elsewhere 26 and Elsewhere 27.

Crabs are encountered in the following levels:

Crab-1 Crab-2 Crab-3
Elsewhere 26 Knight's Isle Never used in game!
Elsewhere 27
Crab Cove