Crab Cove is a secret, Island-themed level in Kid Chameleon

Crab Cove
Sources: The Caged Beasts
Exits: Elsewhere 7
Theme: Island
Helmets: Maniaxe Helmet(2)
Prizes: Island Coin(2) Island Clock(3) Island Diamond(24)
Enemies: Armadillo-1(4) Crab-1(5)
Speed Bonus: N/A
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x37
Map Nr: 0x0F
Map Theme: 0x4
Level Size X: 14 screens
Level Size Y: 2 screens
Grid Size: 7840 squares


A simple left to right traversal, with annoying, almost invincible crabs to get in your way. There are two coins as a reward, however.

Get the first coin in the right prize block above the rubber blocks on the ground near the beginning of the level. After that, a crab underneath the hill will temp you to climb up the hill to hit the shooter blocks. You can certainly climb up the hill (there’s nothing but a clock underneath it anyway), but don’t hit those shooter blocks, because they’ll destroy the prize blocks below, the fifth of which contains your second coin.

After that try not to fall into the death pits to make your way to the teleporter. Maniaxe is also available on your way there, in a solitary P-block on top of a cliff.


The Jason Mask appears quite far into the level, but you can find one earlier. Climb atop the second rocky mountain (the one with the cave below), before the shooter block ceiling. On the left slope of this mountain, search above the third step from the top. (You may need to jump from the upper step to reveal the P-block.)

The mystery teleporterEdit

Crab-cove Mystery-teleporter

W H Y ?

Near the exit of Crab Cove, we find this steel bridge across a pit with a solitary teleporter hovering in the air. We didn't know how to reach it. We didn't know where it would take us.

This teleporter remained an unsolved mystery for a long time. Now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we know! Do you want to try for yourself? Input both these codes in a patch-capable emulator (such as Gens) after the level starts, and then turn them off again so you can move normally:


While this shows where the teleport leads, it was not until the level editor KE-suite was made public that it was revealed how to get in there. The teleporter leads back to the beginning of this very same level. It is absolutely impossible to reach it when playing.


  • In this level (and Knight's Isle), you face the Crab the first time.
  • While there are only Armadillos and Crabs, the graphics from Drips are loaded alongside the other two foes. This hints that they were meant to appear in this level for earlier versions but were scrapped in the official release, however, the developers forgot to delete the graphics from being loaded.
Crab Cove have unused Drips
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