Craig Stitt (Art)
Craig Stitt, of Sonic the Hedgehog 2's "Hidden Palace Zone" fame, is credited for "Art" in Kid Chameleon's credits.

Here are two great stories he's shared on the game's development:

"The first game STI did was [Dick] Tracy on the Genesis. The first game I worked on was Kid Chameleon, STI's second game. SEGA was looking for a 'mascot' (like Nintendo's Mario). Mark, and the rest of us at STI, hoped that Kid would be that game.

At some point we got this very early version of a new game called 'Sonic'. It was rough and unfinished. Great character, great background... but it just wasn't fun. Everyone spent a couple of minutes 'playing' it and then handed the controller to someone else. 

Then some time later, we received what I am guessing was the beta of Sonic. The first version did not have the rings scatter when you were hit. This version did, and it made all the difference in the world. Now people were lined up to play, and it was hard to find time when someone was not playing the game. There were also lots of technical aspects of the game that had even Mark impressed. Unfortunately, we also now knew there was a very good chance that Sonic would become SEGA's mascot, and Kid would be just another game.

"Kid Chameleon had JUST hit the stores, so I went to a game store to see it on the shelf (kind of a rush the first time you see something like that). But better yet, they had a kiosk where you could play the game. I walked up to it and there was this +/- year old kid playing the game. He was literally banging against a wall, trying to jump over it. I watched for a moment, saw he wasn't getting anywhere, so I leaned forward and told him how to get past the wall. He looked at me, said 'What do you know about games" and went back to beating his head against the wall. Little did he know who I was and that the level he was on was one I had done the art for."

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