The ending and credits sequence is what plays after you defeat Heady Metal and touch the flag on Plethora, the last level in the game.

Ending Edit

The ending starts with Heady Metal bulging his face through the back wall of the holodeck, who suddenly explodes in his dying breath.

A hole appears in the aftermath of the explosion, freeing all the kids—*cough* noobs who've been captured.


A shattered projector, the same one seen on the Options screen, comes down and honors you with some well-deserved praise:

Congratulations !!!
You have freed them
from the evil boss.
You will be remembered
as the first holographic
game champion ...
The Kid Chameleon.

The game's developers are then given a rather humorous introduction, highlighting their dedication to the game.

And, now ....
The people who gave
up their lives, wives
and sanity to make this
game a reality ...
The Sega Technical
Institute Team !

Credits Edit

Each person involved in development is then listed, most of which are accompanied by an artist's rendition of themselves. These are the same character sprites that appear outside the Wildside arcade during the intro.

.. Game Design ..
Rick Macaraeg
Hoyt NG
Bill Dunn
Graeme Bayless

... Software ...
BC. Tchiu Le
Steve Woita
Bill Willis
Mark Cerney

... Art ...
Craig Stitt
Alan Ackerman
Judy Totoya
Brenda Ross
Paul Mica

Sound by
Nu Romantic Productions
Special Thanks to ...
Scott Chandler
Hugh Bowen
Haven Carter
And the test group

After the credits play out, the game soft resets back to the Sega logo and the intro plays again.

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