Crystals are a type of enemy in the game Kid Chameleon.


Crystal set
Big giant spinning gems looking like tempting huge diamonds — pity they are really too big to be collected.

Crystals come in three colors: amethyst purple, emerald green and opal orange. They take two hits minimum.


Crystals just rotate while moving along a given plane; they turn around on reaching an obstacle or a step. They do not attack. They are often used as decoration for level design, with no harmful intention.  This is particularly true in Caves of Ice.


Because of their pointy top, trying to jump on Crystals always results in 'ouch'. You'll be damaged and the Crystal won't be.

Any side weapon (swords, axes or skull bombs), a frontal charge or a diamond power will defeat them. If you don't have an offensive weapon, probably best just avoid them.


Crystals are encountered in the following levels:

Crystal-1 Crystal-2 Crystal-3
Highwater Pass 2 The Black Pit Caves of Ice
The Crystal Crags 2 Wind Castles 1
Under Skull Mountain 2