Splash Desert

Desert is one of the themes for the levels in Kid Chameleon. K-E recognizes it as theme 0x5.


The Desert theme features a lot of Egyptian imagery, such as the sphinx in the splash screen on the right, and pyramid-shaped and ditto named levels. The levels go almost exclusively in yellow (desert background and outside areas) and blue (sky background and inside areas), giving them a unique atmosphere.


Micromax is the most common helmet in Desert levels, but Berzerker, Red Stealth, and Juggernaut appear in several levels as well.


Compared to some other themes, Desert levels are relatively dangerous with many of the game's strongest enemies appearing frequently in them, notable examples are Scorpions and Drillers while Clouds, UFOs and Goats also make an appereance.

List of Desert levelsEdit

The following levels carry the Desert theme:

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4


  • This is the theme with the least levels laying on the main path; only Pyramids of Peril is a level you must visit without taking a bridge or similar shortcut.
  • Desert ties swamp for least number of non-elsewhere levels: a total of only 3.
  • Desert is the only theme to not feature bottomless pits in any of its levels.
  • Similar to the floating castles from the Sky theme, Desert features some unused cloud tiles for it's background.
    Unused Cloud graphics
  • A small prototype map featured in the May 1992 issue of GamePro shows the latter half of Stage 2. The map features two desert levels that are not present in the finished game, one connecting to Pyramids of Peril via flag, and the other a dead-end elsewhere off of Skydragon Castle 1. In addition, The Forbidden Tombs is a dead-end level instead of connecting to Stairway to Oblivion.