Devil's Marsh 1 is a level in Kid Chameleon. It is the first one to use the Swamp motive in the regular path (excluding Elsewhere 5).

Devil's Marsh 1
Sources: The Whispering Woods 2
Exits: Devil's Marsh 2, Elsewhere 6, The Caged Beasts
Theme: Swamp
Helmets: Red Stealth Helmet(4)
Prizes: Swamp Clock(3) Swamp Diamond(10)
Enemies: Dragon-1(5) Fireball-1(6) Tar-Monster-1(8)
Speed Bonus: 171 seconds
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x13
Map Nr: 0x14
Map Theme: 0x6
Level Size X: 6 screens
Level Size Y: 4 screens
Grid Size: 6720 squares


Devil's-marsh-1 A

1 - Red Stealth reveals the hidden steel blocks.

Devil's-marsh-1 B

2 - The Elsewhere 6 telepad is next to the Dragon.

Devil's-marsh-1 C

3 - Look out for the tar projectile and fireball, Red Stealth!

Devil's-marsh-1 D


Devil's-marsh-1 E


Devil's-marsh-1 F


This level is linear for the most part, though very long. First, get Red Stealth or continue with Iron Knight; you'll need either of them to dig to the base of the tree (fig. 1). Dig further for the P-block below the steel stairs, containing a clock (there's lots of them, and you will use them). Now continue upwards jump up through ghost blocks, dig down again, etcetera. Along the way you will encounter three teleporters.

Now continue upwards, jumping (or climbing) through ghost blocks. Reach the top branch again and you will enter a small pit-like room with a Dragon and a teleporter to Elsewhere 6 (fig. 2). You can take it to skip the rest of this level. There is also a hidden clock here on the right, which helps you get up if you realize you don't want to take this path.

Otherwise, follow to the right, dig down again, go left, keep digging, and you'll finally reach the grassy base again (fig. 3). Follow to the right and up, and cross the bridge (fig. 4) to the opposite tree.

In this new tree, you can follow two paths: up the ghost blocks, or straight ahead. The first path leads to a tricky teleporter to The Caged Beasts (fig. 5), which is one of the two main secret paths in this stage and is a significant shortcut. The second option takes you to another teleporter that warps you outside the tree. From here (fig. 6), rush down for the flag.


  • Inside the ROM there's data of 20 enemies but the last Dragon is never loaded since in the header is assigned to load only 19.
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