Devil's Marsh 2 is a level in Kid Chameleon.

Devil's Marsh 2
Sources: Devil's Marsh 1, Elsewhere 6
Exits: Knight's Isle
Theme: Swamp
Helmets: Eyeclops Helmet(3) Cyclone Helmet(1)
Prizes: Swamp Ankh(5) Swamp Clock(5) Swamp Coin(2) Swamp Diamond(11)
Enemies: Archer-1(2) Drips-1(5) Spinning-Twins-2(3)
Speed Bonus: 125 seconds
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x14
Map Nr: 0x16
Map Theme: 0x6
Level Size X: 02 screens
Level Size Y: 0B screens
Grid Size: 6160 squares


This level is a zig-zag route going down to the flag, which is on the bottom right. There are plenty of moving platforms that can crush you.

If you still have Red Stealth, start by breaking the floor to skip a large section of this level. Dont jump down right away, because you fall faster than the iceicles you created. You can go and get the hidden Cyclone helmet (or EyeClops, if you really prefer that), located where the first set of ice steps are, before going down. Cyclone is preferable since obtaining it and keeping it will let you take massive shortcuts through a few of the levels ahead.

At the end, none of the platforms will crush you if you stay on top of them. Just don't try to go under.


  • Five extra lives are hidden in this level. The first one is hidden in the left shaft under the five horizontal ice blocks after crawling through the first sets of crushing platforms. The second one can be revealed below the first stairs of the left shaft. The next two you can find if you look out for the lower of two crooked crosses made out of Steel blocks. Stand on top of the cross and jump to reveal two hidden Prize blocks directly adjacent to each other. Both contain Ankhs. The last one is located under the last stair set of the right shaft (it is the only one, which is deformed).
  • There are also two Coins in this level. One is at the upper bottom of the right shaft above some Drill blocks in a visible block. Another one is hidden under the first set of horizontal ice blocks of the right shaft.
  • Another secret can be found above the first platform you encounter after the Spinning Twins. It will crush you at the bottom, but not at the top of its shaft. There you will find six hidden prize blocks, but it's a rather meager loot, consisting of an EyeClops helmet, a clock and four diamonds.
  • There is also another EyeClops helmet hidden in one of the walkways on the right side.
  • Some of the ice stairs in the left shaft also have prize blocks hidden below them.

Trivia Edit

  • This marks the first appearance of Cyclone and EyeClops outside a secret level.
  • This is the first level where you have to cope with Archers and the Spinning Twins in the regular path (excluding Elsewhere 6).
  • This level contains more Ankhs than any other level in the game - a total of five.
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