Diamond Edge
Sources: Bagel Brothers
Exits: The Hills Have Eyes, Scorpion Isle, Towers of Blood, Elsewhere 17, Elsewhere 19
Theme: Ice
Helmets: Skycutter Helmet(3)
Prizes: Ice Ankh(1) Ice Clock(1) Ice Diamond(22)
Enemies: Cloud-2(7) Tank-2(7) Tank-Shooting-2(12)
Speed Bonus: N/A
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: Snowstorm
Map data
Level Nr: 0x2B
Map Nr: 0x3B
Map Theme: 0x2
Level Size X: 7 screens
Level Size Y: 4 screens
Grid Size: 7840 squares

Diamond Edge is an Ice-themed level in Kid Chameleon.


Most of this level is pretty well straightforward. Get the Skycutter helmet from the first Prize block. Take it to cruise down the long and winding cave path. At the bottom is a Teleporter that brings you to the interesting part of the level. Outside of the cave you have six teleporters to choose from, and you should choose wisely. The worst choice would be the bottom left teleporter, which warps you back to the start of the level. By far the better choice would be the top left teleporter, which brings you to Scorpion Isle. It's not the farthest you could advance, though. At the far right of the level is a teleporter to The Hills Have Eyes, however between you and that teleporter are more than half a dozen Clouds and Tanks as well as a bunch of bottomless pits. Another motivation to go right could be the Ankh to be found in the second of four prize blocks high above the ground about at the middle of the map. Don't try to catch the top right teleporter, which leads to Elsewhere 17 - it's not worth the trip. The top middle teleporter leads to Elsewhere 19. The remaining teleporter warps you to Towers of Blood.


  • This level has the most exits: a total of 5.
  • Unlike the traditional Wood levels at the beginning of earlier stages, Stage 4 is the exception, which starts with an Ice level instead.

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