Dragonspike is a mountain-themed level in Kid Chameleon.

Sources: The Crystal Crags 2
Exits: Stormwalk Mountain, The Pinnacle
Theme: Mountain
Helmets: Berzerker Helmet(4)
Prizes: Mountain Ankh(2) Mountain Clock(1) Mountain Coin(1) Mountain Diamond(25)
Enemies: Dragon-2(5) Dragon-Flying-2(2) Tank-3(3) Tank-Shooting-3(1)
Speed Bonus: 30 seconds
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x0E
Map Nr: 0x2C
Map Theme: 0x7
Level Size X: 07 screens
Level Size Y: 03 screens
Grid Size: 5880 squares




This relatively short level offers two main paths, one of which includes a teleporter to the first hidden non-elsewhere level in the game, The Pinnacle.

After you get the Berzerker helmet in the spot shown in figure 1, you can either take the high route (where the little golden Tank is) and charge your way through to the flag, or you can take the low route (through the rock wall in the image) down into a chasm with a teleporter.

The flag takes you to the next level, Stormwalk Mountain.

The teleporter will take you to The Pinnacle, the first hidden level in the game. This is not a shortcut; this route will lead you to Stormwalk Mountain in the end. In fact, The Pinnacle is the first of many routes that lengthens the number of levels you’ll have to complete.


On the high route, there is a rock block wall blocking off a small cave containing the flag. If you somehow lose your Berzerker helmet before this point, there is always a secret crawlspace at the top of the wall which grants you access to the flag!

There are several incentives to make you take the low road and thus the longest route.

  • Dragonspike-secret-b

    Berzerker stands on the invisible side of the bridge. One step to the left and he will plummet offscreen.

    In the block to the left of the teleporter you’ll find a coin. To the right of the teleporter, there is bridge made of vines that you can walk across to a block that contains an ankh. (But watch out, as the bridge contains a hole not too far from the teleporter! Jump over it to reach the ankh). You can choose to kill yourself here after taking the coin and the ankh so you don’t have to play The Pinnacle, unless you’re hungry for a challenge.
  • Dragonspike-secret-a

    Three hidden Prize blocks revealed.

    To the left of the teleporter is a secret passage through several underground rooms. The passage ends in a final chamber full of prize blocks which contains diamonds, a clock, and another Berzerker helmet. Of course, the worthy prize is not here in the last room, but in the second room as you entered. This one contains three hidden prizes; one is an ankh.


  • This level contains four different enemy types, more than any other level in the game.
  • Blue Dragons are encountered here for the first time, as well as orange Tanks.
  • This is the only level where orange non-shooting Tanks appear.
  • This is also the only level where invisible collision is added to spaces that do not even contain terrain tiles (note the broken bridge at the bottom right corner of the level).
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