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Block spike


Drill blocks or Spike blocks are one of the many kinds of blocks found in Kid Chameleon. It looks exactly like the Iron block, a shiny riveted iron cube. This is only to catch you off guard so it can hurt you with its drill.


Like the iron blocks it pretends to emulate, the drill block is indestructible and immobile. It cannot even be moved by Berzerker, which iron blocks can.

The drill block is identical to the iron block in appearance until you get 2-3 blocks away from it. It will then reveal its true self and extend its drill(s) in preprogrammed directions. The drills can appear on all four sides in any combination. Like all other hazards in the game, the drills remove one hitpoint on contact.

The drills will retract after a short while, but reappear after just a few moments if you are still nearby.

Iron blocksEdit

If approaching a steel block does not cause any drilling spikes to appear on its sides, then it's a iron block and has different properties.


  • The drills have the same sprites as those found on the murder machine. (Or vice versa)
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