Just who the hell do you think they are?

Driller is an enemy in Kid Chameleon.


Drillers are enemies with huge drills on each side. They creep along the floor. The drills block most attacks such as axes and swords, and damages the player if he jumps on them. Only the head in the middle is vulnerable, which requires some precision jumping. The drills destroy any blocks they come in contact with.

In a way it is like a moving drill block.


They move left and right on a set of blocks, destroying blocks to the left or right of them. If they hit a wall or a block that they cant destroy, they head the other way. It is possible, on certain levels (e.g. Stormwalk Mountain) to get the Driller stuck on one block, by destroying the blocks it is platformed on.


The drills on each side are it's main attack; touching these will harm the player.


Don't bother throwing axes or using the sword, it'll get you nowhere. With a carefully placed jump you can hit the central portion and avoid the drills, although Skycutter and Juggernaut are too big to do that without getting hurt in the process. The ideal plan is simply to practice precision jumping, or avoid the Drillers altogether. However, precision shots with Juggernaut skulls can do the trick.


Drillers are encountered in the following levels:

Drill-1 Drill-3 Drill-2
Elsewhere 24 Elsewhere 13 Elsewhere 31
Stormwalk Mountain Elsewhere 20
The Forbidden Tombs
The Pinnacle


The Driller is the only enemy that is able to destroy blocks.