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Kid Chameleon 2: Heady Metal's Revenge
Author editor: Drios1
Current version: 3
Difficulty (1/10): 7
Time spent: 5 months + Hours
Maps stage 1: Show maps
Maps stage 2: Show maps
Maps stage 3: Show maps
Maps stage 4: Show maps
Download: [Kid Chameleon Heady Metal's Revenge (Final)]
Stage 1
Wildside Woods 1 Red XN Wildside Woods 2 Red XN Iron Outpost Red XN
Agony Hike Red XN Poison Chasms 1 Red XN Poison Chasms 2 Red XN
Unnatural Shrine Red XN Forgotten Citadels Red XN Concrete Madness Red XN
Grisly Bog 1 Red XN Grisly Bog 2 Red XN Odd Heights Red XN
Skewered Torture Red XN Isle of the Misfits Red XN Chill Factor Red XN
Elsewhere 1 Red XN Elsewhere 2 Red XN Elsewhere 3 Red XN
Stage 2
Arctic Misery Red XN Forbidden Sanctum 1 Red XN Forbidden Sanctum 2 Red XN
Torrid Wasteland Red XN The Dreadful Hollow Red XN Weathered Rise Red XN
Frigid Peaks Red XN Dismal Grove 1 Red XN Dismal Grove 2 Red XN
E.T. Panopticon 1 Red XN E.T. Panopticon 2 Red XN Azure Getaway Red XN
Sand Vault Red XN Boomerang Torture Red XN Thieves' Town Red XN
Decaying Swamp Red XN The Sky God's Tempest Red XN Toxic Sea Red XN
Elsewhere 4 Red XN Elsewhere 5 Red XN Elsewhere 6 Red XN
Elsewhere 7 Red XN Elsewhere 8 Red XN Elsewhere 9 Red XN
Stage 3
Empyrean Kingdom 1 Red XN Empyrean Kingdom 2 Red XN Empyrean Kingdom 3 Red XN
Lion's Haunt Red XN Ra's Trap 1 Red XN Ra's Trap 2 Red XN
Barren Mire Red XN Tropical Intruders Red XN The Lost Valley Red XN
Midtown Assault Red XN Isle of the Vile Creatures Red XN Jet Set Beach Red XN
Dragon's Nest 1 Red XN Dragon's Nest 2 Red XN Death's Summit Red XN
Killing Arena Red XN Wooden Fort Red XN Attack on Mars Red XN
Cabin Fever Red XN Elsewhere 10 Red XN Elsewhere 11 Red XN
Elsewhere 12 Red XN Elsewhere 13 Red XN Elsewhere 14 Red XN
Elsewhere 15 Red XN Elsewhere 16 Red XN Elsewhere 17 Red XN
Elsewhere 18 Red XN
Stage 4
Calypso Isle Red XN The Oubliette Red XN Ziggurat Scaffold Red XN
Ascension From Hell Red XN Bog of Mystery Red XN Dusk Hideout Red XN
Final Chaos 1 Red XN Final Chaos 2 Red XN Heady Metal Red XN
Desert Void Red XN Dark Forest Red XN The Squall Red XN
Lion Kings' Reign Red XN Mars' Retaliation Red XN Thieves' Maze Red XN
Run Kid Run Red XN Terror Pit Red XN Bermuda Triangle Red XN
Warpath Red XN Elsewhere 19 Red XN Elsewhere 20 Red XN
Elsewhere 21 Red XN Elsewhere 22 Red XN Elsewhere 23 Red XN
Elsewhere 24 Red XN Elsewhere 25 Red XN Elsewhere 26 Red XN
Elsewhere 27 Red XN Elsewhere 28 Red XN Elsewhere 29 Red XN
Elsewhere 30 Red XN Elsewhere 31 Red XN

Download the final version now Edit

Kid Chameleon Heady Metal's Revenge (Final) Edit

  •  contains every level and elsewhere edited.

- This version has the level Toxic Sea edited where it doesn't freeze an longer. And big thanks to Haagnus for adding the background. it's amazing. if you find any inconsistencies do let me know so i can change them immediately.

The Return of The Kid ChameleonEdit

After the game Wild Side was banned from the last incident involving players becoming trapped within the game realm an unknown publisher bought the rights and the machine itself. Not believing what had happened and testing it using the latest virus software; the now new owner decided to reignite the hype that is Wild Side. well deep within the source code; Heady Metal, the games all powerful super villain, was still at work with his devious plan to capture all players as his trophies. unbeknownst to the new players again the unimaginanble started to take place; the players weren't coming out winners but instead stayed locked in the digital dungeons of Wild Side game over achievers. 

Well after news hit the world it wasn't long before the hero and savior of the last incident would find out. This is his story. his story again. only he can thwart the evil plans of Heady Metal. He being... The Kid Chameleon! 

take control of Kid Chameleon as he traverses through the hectic mazes of Wild Side taking on dragons, tanks, scorpions, etc...

Be prepared to don the amazing helmets that grant you many awesome abilities like being a stealthy samurai, an ax wielding maniac, a skycutting gravity defying jetboarder, and many more.

are you ready to return to Wild Side and stop Heady Metal once more?

Level List Edit

what you see here is the main flag path of levels that are in this game. will you be able to find the extra levels and are you good enough to beat them? 

Kid Chameleon: Heady Metal's Revenge

-Stage 1- Wildside Woods I, Wildside Woods II, Iron Outpost, Agony Hike, Poison Chasms I, Poison Chasms II, Unnatural Shrine, Forgotten Citadels, Concrete Madness, Grisly Bog I, Grisly Bog II, Odd Heights, -Boss 1- Skewered Torture,

-Stage 2- Arctic Misery, Forbidden Sanctum I, Forbidden Sanctum II, Torrid Wasteland, the Dreadful Hollow, Weathered Rise, Frigid Peaks, Dismal Grove I, Dismal Grove II, E.T. Panopticon I, E.T. Panopticon II, Azure Getaway, Sand Vault, -Boss 2- Boomerang Torture,

-Stage 3- Empyrean Kingdom I, Empyrean Kingdom II, Empyrean Kingdom III, Lion's Haunt, Ra's Trap I, Ra's Trap II, Barren Mire, Tropical Intruders, Lost Way, Midtown Assault, Isle of the Vile Creatures, Jet Set Beach, Dragon's Nest I, Dragon's Nest II, Death Summit, -Boss 3- Killing Arena,

-Stage 4- Calypso's Isle, the Oubliette, Ziggurat Scaffold, Ascension from Hell, Bog of Mystery, Dusk Hideout, Final Chaos I, Final Chaos II, -Final Boss- Heady Metal

Kid Chameleon 3 Edit

I have been playing with the idea of another level hack since i completed the Heady Metal's Revenge hack. I hope i can find time and i hope that a new editor will come into play because i would love to make a new casual experience like the last hack. so here's what i have as far as level names go but please note that it is subject to change.

Kid Chameleon 3 Level Map Names

Stage 1: 4A- Island of Fear I (island) 4B- Island of Fear II (island) 2D- Below the Surface I (cave) 2E- Below the Surface II (cave)- 01- Frozen Apex (ice) 00- Woods of Suffering (woods) 02- Ancient Grounds (Hills) *hail- Alternate Theme 2.1 0E- Rigid Peaks I (Mountain) 54- Rigid Peaks II (Mountain) 56- Devil's Hazard (Swamp) 18- Death Valley I (desert) 1D- Death Valley II (desert) 3D- Sinister Streets (City) *rain 37- Subzero Suffering I (ice) 2C- Subzero Suffering II (ice) *hail) 2B- Relay of Death I (island) *murder wall 13- the Three Oddities I (woods) BOSS

Stage 2: 4C- Backstreet Syndicate (city) 49- Hopeless Dread I (swamp) 14- Hopeless Dread II (swamp) 16- Scorched Snare (desert) 0B- Rusted Thicket I (woods)- Alternate Theme 4.1 OC- Rusted Thicket II (woods)- Alternate Theme 4.2 3F- Towers of Torture (Sky) 40- Savage Valley (Hills) 34- Black Mountains I (Mountain)- Alternate Theme 1.1 1C- Black Mountains II (Mountain)- Alternate Theme 1.2 27- Jinxed Horizon (Island) 21- Crystal Dungeon (ice) *hail 0D- Relay of Death II (Mountain) *murder wall 6C- the Three Oddities II (ice) BOSS

Stage 3: 4F- Mars Metropolis I (city) 4D- Mars Metropolis II (city) 19- Castles of Vengeance I (sky) 0A- Castles of Vengeance II (sky) 5C- Castles of Vengeance III (sky) 25- Lagoon of Lunatics (island) *rain 26- Abandoned Chambers (desert) 35- Restricted Zone (swamp) 3E- Range of Wild Beasts (Hills) 2F- Fire Walkers Dwelling (cave) 31- Relay of Death III (sky) *murder wall 74- The Three Oddities (mountain)

Stage 4: 3B- Forests of Forever (Woods) 5A- Ruins Long Forgotten (Desert) 33- Colossal Zenith (Sky) 3A- Marsh of Oblivion (Swamp) Alternate Theme 3.1 57- Subterranean Silo (Cave) 10- Devil Cat's Canyon (Mountain) Alternate Theme 5.1 59- Unmade Path (Hills) 38- Eternal Paradox (Ice???) 05- Zombie Metal (???)

Stage 1: side path levels: 30- Scorned Fortress I (Sky) 55- Scorned Fortress II (Sky)

Stage 2: side path levels: 32- Remote Tundra (Ice) 0F- Unearthly Utopia I (Cave) 48- XX Leftover XX 47- Unearthly Utopia II (Cave) 03- Dark Pyramid (Desert)- Alternate Pallete- stairway to oblivion

Stage 3: side path levels: 53- Wayside Woods (Woods) 04- Cliffs of Hades I (Mountain) 36- Cliffs of Hades II (Mountain)

Stage 4: side path levels: 15- Mt. Malice (Mountain)- Alternate Theme 5.2 12- Isle of Nuclear Vermin (island) 22- Wicked Remains (Hills) Alternate Theme 2.2 41- Hidden Volcano (Cave) 17- Cyrophobia (Ice) *hail -Alternate Pallete- Alien Twilight 4E- Doomed Anomaly (Swamp)- Alternate Theme 3.2 58- Unstable Precipice (Mountain) 11- Bleak Abyss (Ice) 39- Through the Feared Cay (Island) Murder Wall 42- XX Leftover XX 3C- Omega Towers (Sky)

Leftover- 06,07,1A,1B,1E,1F,20,23,24,28,29,2A,43,44,45,46,50,51,52,5B

Elsewhere 1- 61 Elsewhere 2- 5E Elsewhere 3- 5F Elsewhere 4- 60 Elsewhere 5- 5D Elsewhere 6- 62 Elsewhere 7- 64 Elsewhere 8- 67 Elsewhere 9- 6E Elsewhere 10- 75 Elsewhere 11- 66 Elsewhere 12- 68 Elsewhere 13- 6D Elsewhere 14- 6F Elsewhere 15- 70 Elsewhere 16- 77 Elsewhere 17- 78 Elsewhere 18- 63 Elsewhere 19- 65 Elsewhere 20- 69 Elsewhere 21- 6A Elsewhere 22- 6B Elsewhere 23- 71 Elsewhere 24- 08- Alternate Palette- Stairway to Oblivion Elsewhere 25- 7C Elsewhere 26- 7D Elsewhere 27- 7A Elsewhere 28- 7B Elsewhere 29- 79 Elsewhere 30- 72 Elsewhere 31- 73 Elsewhere 32- 76 Elsewhere 33- XX

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