Drips (aka Killer Slime) is an enemy in Kid Chameleon. It is a cute little lump of slime with one big red eye that is born from a liquid dripping down the ceiling.


Drips set
Drips is first seen down the well in Blue Lake Woods 2. A suspicious liquid drips slowly from the ceiling, forming a pool on the ground. After three drips, the pool takes form and becomes a creepy little monster, which I like to call Drips.

Drips comes in two colors: green and orange. It always takes just one hit to die, BUT the dripping cannot be stopped (not easily, at least), so new Drips spring every now and then.


Isolated drips

Photo taken in Skull Mountain. The Drips on the right will happily creep around that single ice forever after.

A Drips chooses a path when it's born and they never turn around. They can creep up or down walls and through the ceiling. If one of these monsters heads to its left when born, the following one will take the other. They do not 'chase' the player.

Drips die if you break the block they're crawling on. They can also kill themselves if they happen to touch one of the level margins. Only a maximum of five drips from one spawning point are allowed to be created at once, and instead of the ooze forming into a creepy gooey figure, it will just instantly disappear.


Drips takes only one hit to die, and any weapon may kill it.

Preventing new Drips from being born is a little trickier. Usually, the dripping comes from a little lump of slime hanging from the terrain; in case it hangs from a breakable block, you can try breaking it, though this generates some buggy behavior in the game. It can be done in Frosty Doom. Another option is to make the drop fall off the level.

In some levels, you can take advantage of the drips' wall-climbing capabilities in order to bounce off of them to reach someplace you otherwise couldn't.


Drips are encountered in the following levels:

Drips-1 Drips-3 Drips-2
Blue Lake Woods 2 Never used in game! Frosty Doom
Devil's Marsh 2 Sky Fortress
Elsewhere 3 The Hills Have Eyes
Elsewhere 4
Elsewhere 25
Hidden Canyon
Under Skull Mountain 1
Windy City