Block elevator


Elevator blocks are one of the many kinds of blocks found in Kid Chameleon. They look like a small box with a display on it. When hit from below they start a count-down from 9 to 0, after which they explode and send their lid (preferably with you standing on it) flying upwards. The lid can (and frequently does) crush you against other objects, both on the way up and on the way down.

If you somehow miss to be standing on one when it goes off, there is frequently another one hidden where the last one was, so you don't have to restart the level from one mistake.

Trivia Edit

Iron Knight, Red Stealth, and Skycutter all have the ability to trigger rock, prize, and ice blocks from above. However, only Skycutter has the unique ability to activate elevator blocks from above, which may be due to a programming error.

Kid Chameleon blocks
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