Elsewhere 10 is a short transitional round in Kid Chameleon. It is accessible through a handy teleporter in Skydragon Castle 2 that allows you to skip most of the level. It is also possible that you are forced to take the teleporter if you fail to keep the helmet needed to reach the flag there.

Elsewhere 10
Sources: Skydragon Castle 2
Exits: Coral Blade Grotto
Theme: Woods
Helmets: Cyclone Helmet(2) Iron Knight Helmet(3)
Prizes: Woods Diamond(20)
Enemies: Tank-Shooting-3(8) Tar-Monster-2(4)
Speed Bonus: N/A
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x51
Map Nr: 0x6E
Map Theme: 0x9
Level Size X: 1 screens
Level Size Y: 4 screens
Grid Size: 1120 squares


This one's a quite simple round designed specifically for the Tin Man. The round is divided into three vertical sections; one must cross them to the bottom right end where the teleporter lies. Many enemies: golden Tanks and yellow Tar Monsters, both taking two hits.

There are four hidden P-blocks to the very left of where you start; the first and the third contain Iron Knights. Climb all the way up the shifting block wall. When you reach the top, leap all the way across to the third drop and smash down to the teleporter.

You don't need to descend to the bottom of the middle section, but there is an IK replacement there in case you need it.


  • The real challenge here is to arrive into Coral Blade Grotto in your Cyclone jamsuit. It's not really that useful there, but hey, you're the Kid, you're supposed to get noticed.
  • See the P-blocks on top of the level? There is a new Iron Knight helmet in the second one from the left, and a Cyclone in the sixth. In order to reach the teleporter in your pink pajamas, you'll have to clear your way first, so remember to smash your way down the third section while you're still wearing Iron Knight. Then climb up again, leap to the leftmost ledge, collect Cyclone and go back for the teleporter. Coral Blade Grotto won't know what hit it.

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