Elsewhere 23
Sources: Secrets in the Rocks
Exits: Tunnels Beneath the Woods
Theme: Cave
Helmets: Berzerker Helmet(3)
Prizes: Cave Diamond(3)
Enemies: Goat-3(6)
Speed Bonus: N/A
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x60
Map Nr: 0x08
Map Theme: 0x8
Level Size X: 2 screens
Level Size Y: 2 screens
Grid Size: 1120 squares

Elsewhere 23 is a Cave-themed level in Kid Chameleon. It uses the same palette swap of the standard Cave theme as Stairway to Oblivion.


Before you know where you are, a Goat will already be charging at your face. Try to dodge it and proceed left. Get one of the Berzerker helmets available and walk down the ice stairs. The last row consists of Evanescent blocks, covering harmful spikes. You can drop down and run right for the Teleporter, or charge the right wall with Berzerker to reach it directly.

Shortcuts Edit

  • If you happen to enter this level still as the Red Stealth you got from Alien Twilight, you can simply break the ice block floor at the start and fall straight to the exit telepad. Just watch out for the ceiling spikes and all the frisky Goats!
  • If you came in as Micromax, continually jump at the spikes in the top right corner, and you will be pushed out of bounds when transforming back to Kid! The top row of ice blocks doesn't extend out here, so you can fall past it, skipping about half the level. Be sure not to hold right while out of bounds or else glitchy things (like crashes) will happen!
Elsewhere24 OOB
Elsewhere24 VDP

Visualization of what's outside the camera view

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