Elsewhere 28
Elsewhere 28 2
Sources: The Shimmering Caves
Exits: The Shimmering Caves
Theme: Cave
Helmets: Eyeclops Helmet(2) Cyclone Helmet(1)
Prizes: Cave Coin(1) Cave Diamond(6) Cave 10Diamonds(1)
Enemies: Mini-Hopping-Skull-2(5)
Speed Bonus: N/A
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: Lava Geysers
Map data
Level Nr: 0x65
Map Nr: 0x79
Map Theme: 0x8
Level Size X: 1 screens
Level Size Y: 4 screens
Grid Size: 1120 squares

Elsewhere 28 is an incredibly evil dead-end level consisting mainly of climbing up stairways of hidden blocks while dodging mini-heads, lava flows, and Kaizo blocks that can knock you back to the start of the level.


If you are unfortunate enough to arrive here, get EyeClops, and reveal the first path to pass when the lava is down. Redo this for the second stairway, and then jump to the thin sliver of terrain next to the left lava geyser. While standing halfway off this spot, jump to reveal a Rock block. Once the lava flow on the left subsides, quickly hop on the ice block to the rock block, and use your beam to reveal an entire arch of rock blocks.

From here, you have two path choices. While the upper-left path has a 10 diamonds prize, it leads to a dead end and is much better off being ignored. Instead, reveal and climb a slippery stairway to the upper-right, being vigilant of any Kaizo blocks you may hit. Grab the Eyeclops helmet to replenish any lost HP, and turn around to reveal the last staircase leading up to the exit telepad.

The four prize blocks at the top of the level contain two diamonds, a Coin, and a Cyclone helmet—a suitable enough reward for the hell you just went through. The telepad puts you back near the end of The Shimmering Caves. As Cyclone, avoid taking damage until Alien Isle to make that level much less stressful.

Legacy Edit

A notoriously difficult level like Bloody Swamp can become easier once learning some tricks or arriving there as Skycutter. This level, on the other hand, gives the player no such options. Entering this level as Cyclone or Micromax is a near-impossible feat, pretty much forcing the player to complete it the intended way, making it one of the poorest path choices a player can make when traversing the Chaos Maze.

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