Elsewhere 3
Sources: Hills of the Warrior 2
Exits: Windy City
Theme: City
Helmets: Red Stealth Helmet(1)
Prizes: City Ankh(1) City Diamond(9)
Enemies: Drips-1(8)
Speed Bonus: N/A
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x4B
Map Nr: 0x5F
Map Theme: 0xA
Level Size X: 02 screens
Level Size Y: 02 screens
Grid Size: 1120 squares

Elsewhere 3 is a longer path from Hills of the Warrior to Windy City that allows to reach the city in almost any helmet. However, Juggernaut can't go through this round. On the other hand, Skycutter (last offered in Hills of the Warrior 1) can.


If you wish, go to the right before dropping down the hole in order to find Red Stealth in those three prize blocks; the rest are diamonds. Now fall down the hole and go right, avoiding the Drips. Then run down the stairs and continue left along the ice corridor, jumping over the spike blocks; drop to the lowest level and run straight right to reach the teleporter to Windy City.

Shortcut: on the stairs, if you've got a sword, dig through the ice blocks to reach the teleporter more quickly.


As you drop down from the sidewalk, go left to reveal four invisible prize blocks. Only if you come as Micromax otherwise you can reveal only two blocks; one contains an ankh.

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