Elsewhere 5 is an elsewhere level in Kid Chameleon. It is the first round featuring the swamp theme in the game.

Elsewhere 5
Sources: The Whispering Woods 1
Exits: The Whispering Woods 2
Theme: Swamp
Helmets: Berzerker Helmet(1)
Prizes: Swamp Diamond(9)
Enemies: Sphere-1(7)
Speed Bonus: N/A
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x4D
Map Nr: 0x5D
Map Theme: 0x6
Level Size X: 2 screens
Level Size Y: 2 screens
Grid Size: 1120 squares


Reveal a hidden P-block on top of the first steel block to your left to get a Berzerker helmet. Use it to charge at the steel barriers and proceed upwards (if your timing is correct, you can steelswipe those pesky purple spheres).

On the right half of the level, just jump on the ghost blocks and smash the prize blocks to climb up and reach the teleporter to The Whispering Woods 2.


  • Shortcut: If you have a hit point to spare, touch the shooter blocks on the right as soon as you start. Then get Berzerker, charge the steel block wall to the right and work your way up to the teleporter.
  • Try to avoid the enemies and keep your Berzerker helmet all the way to the teleporter. It will prove very useful in the next level – The Whispering Woods 2.

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