Emo Rocks (aka Skull Chompers) are enemies found in the game Kid Chameleon.
Monster-Island Emo-Rocks

Die! The emo rocks make themselves known on Monster Island.


They can be three different colours: grey, gold, and red.

You will probably hear them before you see them. They shout "die" and they look just like normal rocks, with the notable exception of the black eyes and sharp teeth.


They will appear out of nowhere, several squares above Kid's head. They will hang in the air horizontally for a second, before dropping to the ground. Once you see/hear them, running out from underneath them is probably the smart thing to do.

A strange ability that Emo Rocks have is that they are able to pass through damaging surfaces, which includes spikes and shallow lava lakes (the only difference between the two is graphical). The most notable example of this is in the shallow lava lake at the end of Under Skull Mountain 1. The player cannot fall through a shallow lava lake. Interestingly enough, if a few Emo Rocks are lured to fall in a shallow lava lake, the Emo Rocks will simply pass right on through it and head to the bottom of the screen.


Try Stairway to Oblivion. First-timers will learn very quickly how emo rocks attack after their girlfriends cheated on them.


Once again, complying with the emo standards, Emo Rocks kill themselves. Once they fall to the ground, they will vanish within a few seconds. If you find their presense annoying, you can kill them with a single hit. As they have no attack and do not move, any kind of hit is safe.

Emo Rocks can be sent flying off the stage by a Berzerker charge, but they fly off the screen differently from other enemies. Instead of heading straight downward, they sort of take a sideways 45-degree path down to the abyss, and you can also hear them explode when they disappear off-screen.


Emo Rocks are encountered in the following levels:

Emo-Rock-1 Emo-Rock-2 Emo-Rock-3
Under Skull Mountain 1 Elsewhere 12 Ice God's Vengeance
Stairway to Oblivion Monster Island