EyeClops is one of the playable characters — actually, one of the forms that the only playable character, the Kid, can take — in the platform videogame Kid Chameleon. He is futuristic warrior, with the unique ability to reveal hidden blocks with his raygun.


AKA: Cyclops, Laser Kid, Green Goblin, Revealer
Special Abilities:
  • Reveal hidden blocks with his raygun.
Diamond Powers:
  • Fatal Beam (2 diamonds)
  • No jumping around hoping to find a hidden goodie.
  • Big, no-need-for-aiming cheap diamond power attacks.
  • Not as versatile as other characters. The ability to reveal hidden blocks mostly comes to use in levels designed specifically around this ability, such as The Cliffs of Illusion.
  • Useless at bosses.


Helmet eyeclops
His suit is green and futuristic, with a magic ray dispenser for a backpack, connected to something that looks like a fire hose. He has a uni-eye visor on his head. Imagine RoboCop as a Ghostbuster.


EyeClops' two major abilities is revealing hidden blocks and being very, very green.

You can find hidden prizes and bridges with the ray, without jumping around like a moron in random places. In general however, his special action is actually not very useful, unless the level is designed around it. There are not a lot of hidden blocks in places you would not suspect, and once you've found them you may simply remember where they are next time you play the level, so EyeClops won't really be needed.

While the ray is completely harmless in itself, you can sometimes kill off an enemy regardless of hitpoints by revealing a block inside them, which is deeply satisfying.

The revealing ray cannot, like most other special actions, be used while crouching. Like Red Stealth and Maniaxe, EyeClops cannot walk up hills, requiring the player to jump up slopes.


EyeClops helmets can be found in the following levels:

Stage 1Edit

Stage 2Edit

Stage 3Edit

Stage 4Edit

Bug Edit

If you fire a Fatal Beam and lose your Eyeclops helmet while the beam is still on screen, the beam disappears, but the physical effect remains fixed at the position it reached when the helmet was lost. Luring an enemy to walk into that spot will remove all of its hit points very quickly.


  • EyeClops was animated by Alan Ackerman.
  • EyeClops was originally called Vision Kid by the development team.
  • The original art used a different standing frame from the one used in the game.


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