Fire Demon

The Fire demon - a warm-hearted person.

The Fire Demon (aka Fire Walker) is a rare enemy in Kid Chameleon.


Fire Demons are bipedal monsters covered in either orange or blue flames.


They walk around, changing direction when they hit a wall or a ledge and leave a trail fire where they walk (maximum of five steps).


While this enemy does not have an attack, it poses a huge threat due to the fire trail it leaves behind and the fact, that jumping on it not only does not damage it, but also deals damage to the player.


Maniaxe and Juggernaut are ideal for killing the Fire Demon safely. Red Stealth can also quickly deal with the Fire Demon so long as you are somewhat careful. Also, Berzerker can take out the Fire Demon with a charge attack, but beware of the fire trail. With careful timing it is possible to charge the Fire Demon and jump immediately after killing it to avoid the fire trail.

If you do not have one of the above helmets, then avoiding the Fire Demon altogether is probably a good idea, since you cannot kill it by jumping, and they generally do not pose enough of a threat to warrant the use of a diamond power unless you feel like using EyeClops' beam.


Firedemons are encountered in the following levels:

Fire-Demon-1 Fire-Demon-2 Fire Demon-3
Towers of Blood The Black Pit Never used in game!
Under Skull Mountain 3
Windy City