Fireball is an enemy in Kid Chameleon.

Description Edit

It is a small ball of fire which comes in three different colours: orange, blue and green.

Behaviour Edit

The fireball will bounce around aimlessly, randomly leaving a spot of fire when it touches basic terrain. It does not leave a spot of fire if it lands on a block of any kind. Like Mini Hopping Skulls, Fireballs are inmune to bottomless pits and will simply bounce off in the air.

Attack Edit

It does not actively attack the player, but touching it or the fire spots hurts Kid Chameleon.

Protocol Edit

Unlike the Fire Demon, the Fire Ball can be jumped on without getting burned. All forms have only one hit point and are vulnerable to all kinds of attacks.


Fireballs are encountered in the following levels:

Fireball-1 Fireball-2 Fireball-3
Devil's Marsh 1 Blizzard Mountain The Nightmare Peaks 2
Elsewhere 2 The Crystal Crags 1
Elsewhere 4 Woods of Despair 1
Madmaze Mountain
Secrets in the Rocks
Sinister Sewers