Forced Entry
Forced entry
Sources: Woods of Despair 2
Exits: The Cliffs of Illusion, Elsewhere 12
Theme: City
Helmets: Eyeclops Helmet(1) Juggernaut Helmet(2)
Prizes: City Ankh(1) City Diamond(23) City 10Diamonds(1)
Enemies: Cloud-1(6) Ninja-1(9)
Speed Bonus: 27 seconds
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: Murder wall
Map data
Level Nr: 0x21
Map Nr: 0x19
Map Theme: 0xA
Level Size X: 0D screens
Level Size Y: 02 screens
Grid Size: 7280 squares

Forced Entry is a city themed level in Kid Chameleon. The first thing you will see when starting the level is a big sign reading "GO" - this is good advice, since this is the second level to feature a Murder Wall chasing you.


There are basically two paths through the level, the top and the bottom.

The prize block directly above you as you start contains a Juggernaut helmet. If you take this, you will be forced to take the top path. If not, you can drop down the 2-block wide opening to the bottom path.

The top path focuses on jumping puzzles, while the bottom part has more enemies and platforms trying to crush you.

The two paths converge near the end, at a slope which you curse if you are still in Juggernaut form. Directly after that, you can choose to go the upper part to reach the teleporter taking you to Elsewhere 12, or the bottom for the flag to The Cliffs of Illusion.

To get to the flag you need to drop down a 2-block wide hole and go to the left slightly. For this reason, do not take the bottom path if you are in Juggernaut form, since you will not be able to fit in the hole. There is an EyeClops helmet right next to the hole, but it takes time to pick up, time which you do not have. If you fail to get into the hole and continue right, you will be stuck behind a line of iron blocks until the murder wall catches up, and see the sadistic message "TOO BAD" before the wall turns you into minced meat.

There is a ninja (which you can bounce on indefinitely) lurking by the flag, and the left wall is covered in rubber blocks, so a good way to get killed is to panic and press left constantly.

If you are having trouble with touching the flag at the end, try bouncing once on the ninja, and then bouncing to the flag by touching the LEFT button lightly. Alternatively, you can concede a hit point and simply run through the ninja.


  • There is a hidden 10 diamonds-block on the bottom path, on the right next to the big window.
  • In 10 prize blocks the top path at the end, there is an ankh in the middle of the top row.


  • The Ninja has his appearance here for the first time, just in time to block you at the flag.
  • I wonder what would happen if you were to use Berzerker from Woods of Despair 2 and go through the steel wall with the sign TOO BAD?
    • NOTE: The answer is on the bottom. For those of you who what to discover this yourself, here's the easiest way to do this. Use the Protection ability (costs 20 diamonds) and take the bottom path. The ninjas will leap above you, but that cloud there can shoot at you so be careful. Do not hestitate with the platforms and jump over the blocks. Go up the slope and jump over the hole. now you can ram the wall.
    • The answer: NOTHING! Nothing is behind that damn wall! The murder wall will stop however. you cannot go back, so you must restart the round or run into the murder wall.
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