Frosty Doom
Frosty doom
Sources: Hoverboard Beach, Blizzard Mountain
Exits: Bloody Swamp, Elsewhere 15
Theme: Ice
Helmets: Cyclone Helmet(3) Skycutter Helmet(3)
Prizes: Ice Ankh(4) Ice Clock(3) Ice Diamond(34)
Enemies: Drips-2(6) Hand-1(4) Goat-2(3)
Speed Bonus: 98 seconds
Path Bonus: 50,000 points
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x3D
Map Nr: 0x36
Map Theme: 0x2
Level Size X: 0A screens
Level Size Y: 03 screens
Grid Size: 8400 squares

Frosty Doom is an Ice-themed level in Kid Chameleon.


You may want to do yourself a favor and steer clear of this level, as both here and Elsewhere 15 (accessed from here) lead to the sadistic Bloody Swamp. Should you stumble across this level however, get the Skycutter helmet and collect the leftmost and rightmost prize blocks, which include two ankhs, two clocks, and some diamonds and journey to the left. It will take time, but you must break through the rock blocks continuously. From here there will be goats and hands for enemies. Eventually there will be a teleporter to Elsewhere 15. If you decide not to take it, venture to the right and hover upside-down to the flag.

You can also hover upside-down after all the rock blocks are broken, get the Cyclone helmet and go back. Or take Cyclone's route, which is much harder, but you are awarded an enormous 50,000 path bonus (and obviously an extra life!) for it. You will also find a couple of ankhs should you decide to go this route. Precision flying is a must.  You will get the path bonus from the left route as well, if you take the flag.

Remember, you're only going to have one chance to play the next level with the helmet you leave this level with. Use it wisely, as either Skycutter or Cyclone can save a large amount of continues.


  • Strangely, If you take the Cyclone's path, there's two Drips that doesn't appear when you cross that part the first time. This is most likely because the "Respawn" (the Respawn means if a single Enemy "revive" or not after it's killed by the player; used in Hexadecimal editors) figure as "01", instead FF (means that the Enemy will revive everytime) or 00 (means that the enemy will not revive). So they seem to appear when the player already crossed the place when they are located.
  • This is the only level where White Goats appear.
  • At 50,000 points, this level awards the highest path bonus in the game.
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