Here is a list of Game Genie codes for KC:

Raw Game Genie Description
0368C6:6000 ABYA-GA8G No enemies will be loaded
00734E:6006 A33T-AA4R Disable murderwall
00D596:6006 A5LT-AA60 Always get no hit bonus
00D5D2:6006 A5LT-AA8W Always get no prize bonus
00D62A:6002 AMMA-AA3L Always get path bonus
00D678:6002 AMMA-AA52 Always get speed bonus

Levels Edit

Raw Game Genie Start on Level
04033A:0030 GABT-JAB4 Alien Isle
04033A:0042 JJBT-JAB4 Alien Twilight
04033A:002A FJBT-JAB4 Bagel Brothers
04033A:002F F6BT-JAB4 Beneath the Twisted Hills
04033A:0001 AEBT-JAB4 Blue Lake Woods 2
04033A:003E H2BT-JAB4 Bloody Swamp
04033A:001E D2BT-JAB4 Boomerang Bosses
04033A:0026 E2BT-JAB4 Blizzard Mountain
04033A:0027 E6BT-JAB4 Caves of Ice
04033A:001D DYBT-JAB4 Coral Blade Grotto
04033A:0019 G6BT-JAB4 Crab Cove
04033A:0013 CNBT-JAB4 Devil's Marsh 1
04033A:0014 CTBT-JAB4 Devil's Marsh 2
04033A:002B FNBT-JAB4 Diamond Edge
04033A:000E B2BT-JAB4 Dragonspike
04033A:0049 KEBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 1
04033A:004A KJBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 2
04033A:004B KNBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 3
04033A:004C KTBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 4
04033A:004D KYBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 5
04033A:004E K2BT-JAB4 Elsewhere 6
04033A:004F K6BT-JAB4 Elsewhere 7
04033A:0050 LABT-JAB4 Elsewhere 8
04033A:0052 LJBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 9
04033A:0051 LEBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 10
04033A:0053 LNBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 11
04033A:0054 LTBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 12
04033A:0055 LYBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 13
04033A:0056 L2BT-JAB4 Elsewhere 14
04033A:0059 MEBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 15
04033A:0058 MABT-JAB4 Elsewhere 16
04033A:005A MJBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 17
04033A:005C MTBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 18
04033A:005B MNBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 19
04033A:005E M2BT-JAB4 Elsewhere 20
04033A:005F M6BT-JAB4 Elsewhere 21
04033A:005D MYBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 22
04033A:0060 NABT-JAB4 Elsewhere 23
04033A:0061 NEBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 24
04033A:0062 NJBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 25
04033A:0063 NNBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 26
04033A:0064 NTBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 27
04033A:0065 NYBT-JAB4 Elsewhere 28
04033A:0066 N2BT-JAB4 Elsewhere 29
04033A:0067 N6BT-JAB4 Elsewhere 30
04033A:0068 PABT-JAB4 Elsewhere 31
04033A:0057 L6BT-JAB4 Elsewhere 32
04033A:0021 EEBT-JAB4 Forced Entry
04033A:003D HYBT-JAB4 Frosty Doom
04033A:0035 GYBT-JAB4 Hidden Canyon
04033A:0002 AJBT-JAB4 Highwater Pass 1
04033A:0003 ANBT-JAB4 Highwater Pass 2
04033A:0044 JTBT-JAB4 Hills of Forever
04033A:0008 BABT-JAB4 Hills of the Warrior 1
04033A:0009 BEBT-JAB4 Hills of the Warrior 2
04033A:0017 C6BT-JAB4 Hoverboard Beach
04033A:002E F2BT-JAB4 Ice God's Vengeance
04033A:0007 A6BT-JAB4 Isle of the Lion Lord
04033A:0015 CYBT-JAB4 Knight's Isle
04033A:0023 ENBT-JAB4 Lion's Den
04033A:0019 DEBT-JAB4 Madmaze Mountain
04033A:0045 JYBT-JAB4 Monster Island
04033A:0033 GNBT-JAB4 Plethora
04033A:0018 DABT-JAB4 Pyramids of Peril
04033A:003F H6BT-JAB4 Scorpion Isle
04033A:002D FYBT-JAB4 Secrets in the Rocks
04033A:0010 CABT-JAB4 Shishkaboss
04033A:000B BNBT-JAB4 Sinister Sewers
04033A:0048 KABT-JAB4 Sky Fortress
04033A:001B DNBT-JAB4 Skydragon Castle 1
04033A:0025 DTBT-JAB4 Skydragon Castle 2
04033A:003A HJBT-JAB4 Stairway to Oblivion
04033A:000F B6BT-JAB4 Stormwalk Mountain
04033A:003C HTBT-JAB4 The Black Pit
04033A:0036 G2BT-JAB4 The Caged Beasts
04033A:0022 EJBT-JAB4 The Cliffs of Illusion
04033A:0041 JEBT-JAB4 The Crypt
04033A:0038 HABT-JAB4 The Crypt (leftover)
04033A:0047 J6BT-JAB4 The Crypt (leftover)
04033A:0069 PEBT-JAB4 The Crypt (leftover)
04033A:000C BTBT-JAB4 The Crystal Crags 1
04033A:000D BYBT-JAB4 The Crystal Crags 2
04033A:001A DJBT-JAB4 The Deadly Skyscrapers
04033A:0032 GJBT-JAB4 The Final Marathon
04033A:0039 HEBT-JAB4 The Forbidden Tombs
04033A:002C FTBT-JAB4 The Hills Have Eyes
04033A:0031 GEBT-JAB4 The Land Below
04033A:0028 FABT-JAB4 The Nightmare Peaks 1
04033A:0029 FEBT-JAB4 The Nightmare Peaks 2
04033A:0034 GTBT-JAB4 The Pinnacle
04033A:0046 J2BT-JAB4 The Shimmering Caves
04033A:003B HNBT-JAB4 The Valley of Life
04033A:0011 CEBT-JAB4 The Whispering Woods 1
04033A:0012 CJBT-JAB4 The Whispering Woods 2
04033A:0040 JABT-JAB4 Towers of Blood
04033A:0043 JNBT-JAB4 Tunnels Beneath the Woods
04033A:0004 ATBT-JAB4 Under Skull Mountain 1
04033A:0005 AYBT-JAB4 Under Skull Mountain 2
04033A:0006 A2BT-JAB4 Under Skull Mountain 3
04033A:0016 C2BT-JAB4 Whale Grotto
04033A:0024 ETBT-JAB4 Wind Castles 1
04033A:0025 EYBT-JAB4 Wind Castles 2
04033A:000A BJBT-JAB4 Windy City
04033A:001F D6BT-JAB4 Woods of Despair 1
04033A:0020 EABT-JAB4 Woods of Despair 2

112. AEDA-AAE2 - Start with 1 life instead of 3

113. A2DA-AAE2 - Start with 6 lives

114. BEDA-AAE2 - Start with 9 lives

115. B6DA-AAE2 - Start with 15 lives

116. DEDA-AAE2 - Start with 25 lives

117. GJDA-AAE2 - Start with 50 lives

118. NNDA-AAE2 - Start with 99 lives

119. A46A-AA32 - Infinite lives

120. A45T-AA3Y - Almost infinite hit points

121. J99T-BA1C - Each clock worth 8:00 instead of 3:00 (up to the max time of 9:59)

122. J99T-BEIC - Each clock worth 1:00 instead of 3:00

123. BX5A-GA6T - Diamond Powers(Circle of Doom, Samurai Haze, Invulnerability, Circle of Death, Mini-Snake, Slashing Rain) require no diamonds instead of 20. Also, Diamond Powers(Death Snake, Extra Hit Point, Wall of Death, Extra Life, Swift Mini-Snake, Tracking Rain) require only 30 diamonds instead of 50

124. AL5T-AA6Y - Don't lose transformation when you lose all your hit points

Helmets Edit

Raw Game Genie Transform helmets
00B91A:31FC 9W6T-BCJ4 All Helmets Transform You Into (select below)
00B91C:0000 AC6T-AAA6 Helmets do not transform you into anything
00B91C:0007 A86T-AAA6 Berzerker
00B91C:0002 AL6T-AAA6 Cyclone
00B91C:0004 AW6T-AAA6 EyeClops
00B91C:0006 A46T-AAA6 Iron Knight
00B91C:0005 A06T-AAA6 Juggernaut
00B91C:0008 BC6T-AAA6 Maniaxe
00B91C:0009 BG6T-AAA6 Micromax
00B91C:0003 AR6T-AAA6 Red Stealth
00B91C:0001 AG6T-AAA6 Skycutter

135. AMKT-AA76 - Infinite continues

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