Goat is an enemy in Kid Chameleon.


Goats are large, bipedal mammals with large horns, bloodshot eyes, hoofed feet, and angry countenances. Some unfortunate Goats have been frozen solid in the scenery of Ice-based levels.
Ice goat



The Goat will slowly plod around at will, turning to face you if need be. When you are fairly close, it can charge you in a Berserker manner at great speed.


These Ram creatures attack in only one way, they act like a real Ram and run after you at great speed and try to hit you with their curved horns. jumping is the only way of dodging them, they also do not stop if they run toward a cliff mid attack. However, if they run past you (if you jumped over them, or if you were unable to and were damaged) they will probably turn around and face you again.


If you're Maniaxe or Juggernaut, then just take them out at long range. Otherwise, it is generally a good idea to wait for them to rush you, jump over them, then jump straight onto its head when they turn around and face you. Red Stealth's sword is not advised. A Berserker charge will kill the goat if it is not charging you too; otherwise you'll bounce off each other harmlessly, in which case you should quickly jump on its head before it strikes you.


Goats have graphical dimensions of 2 blocks in width and 2 blocks in height. However, their physical dimensions are 2 blocks in width and 1 block in height. This means that Goats can walk or run into a crawlspace that is only 1 block in height!


Goats are encountered in the following levels:

Goat-1 Goat-2 Goat-3
Elsewhere 26 Frosty Doom Elsewhere 23
Pyramids of Peril Scorpion Isle
Stairway to Oblivion The Final Marathon