Hands are common enemies in Kid Chameleon.


Hand set
Creepy severed hands crawling along the floor. When the player character faces them, they may suddenly leap and try to grab him.

Hands come in three colors: dark green, olive green and grayish violet (not shown). All take one hit to die.


Hands move always in the same direction and only turn around when facing an obstacle or a step. They only attack on sight of a player, i. e., when facing them from a set distance, but not if they're approached from behind. On seeing a prey, hands can jump far enough to land on a different platform.


Hands attack by leaping towards the player character and trying to grab him. Attack is triggered by approaching them from a minimum distance; this distance increases in harder levels.

Being grabbed damages the player and, while grabbed, the player will see his jumping ability severely restricted. To free yourself from the clasp, just turn around in the opposite direction five times and the Hand will be thrown off back into its routine.

Juggernaut can't be grabbed by the Hand, because of his size, but a successful attack will still hurt him.


Stomping is the best way to get rid of these foes, since it only takes one it to defeat them. Sword is not a good option, because by the time the hand creeps close enough to be hit, it will be already harassing you. Also, Hands are invincible while attacking.

In later levels, axes and skull bombs are the best weapon against hands.

Berzerker can't charge at hands. However, if a Hand grabs him while he's charging it deals no damage at all.

A good way to avoid it is to instantly crouch and crawl forward right after it leaps. Otherwise, you should keep a safe distance.


Hands are encountered in the following levels:

Hand-1 Hand-2 Hand-3
Highwater Pass 2 Elsewhere 29 Elsewhere 15
Frosty Doom Caves of Ice Hoverboard Beach
The Crystal Crags 1 The Land Below
The Forbidden Tombs
Woods of Despair 1

Trivia Edit

  • Because Hands can only walk on flat ground, if a Hand tries to attack and lands in a V-shaped piece of terrain, it will continuously bounce back and forth, unable to harm the player.