Splash Hills

Hills is one of the themes for the levels in Kid Chameleon. K-E recognizes it as theme 0x3.


In most Hills levels you will find yourself constantly going up and down or even through hills of bigger or smaller size, hence the name. Underground sections are very common, although they are often smaller than in some other Themes. The environment is mostly in light colours, in contrast to the darker hills in the background, which create a tense atmosphere.


Most helmets can be found in one or the other level, although Maniaxe is a very common sight here.


The enemies found in Hills levels vary greatly. Dragons and Tanks are very common, but in fact almost everything can be found here, from the beautiful to the nasty, including Clouds and Scorpions. Armadillos appear in various levels as statues, but their physical appearance in these levels are really unusual.

Splash ScreenEdit

Who is Kevin?

List of Hills levelsEdit

The following levels carry the Hills theme:

Stage 1

Stage 3

Stage 4


  • Of all ten themes in Kid Chameleon, Hills is the only one not to be featured in any of the 32 Elsewhere levels.
  • The splash screen seems to read "Kevin", because Kevin is the kid's real name.

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