This article is about the theme. You may also be looking for the block, see ice block.
Splash Ice

Ice is one of the themes for the levels in Kid Chameleon. K-E recognizes it as theme 0x2.


The levels with an Ice theme are often littered with Ice blocks, and sharp icicles that you should not step on. Be vigilant, as some levels are prone to Snowstorms where large chunks of hail fall from the sky! That being said, be ready to take cover when the sky goes dark.

Enemies Edit

Ice levels are often littered with Crystals, blue Fireballs, and hopping skulls. There also appear to have been an enormous number of Goats and Orcas at one point, but many have since been frozen in time, locked into the scenery. However, large numbers of these enemies still roam The Final Marathon.

Helmets Edit

Micromax is probably the predominant helmet found in Ice-themed levels. Two levels, The Shimmering Caves and The Final Marathon, even reward you with 10000 points blocks that only Micromax can open.

Music Edit

The music used in Ice levels is the same as the one played in the intro of the game.

List of Ice LevelsEdit

The following levels carry the Ice theme:

Stage 1

Stage 3

Stage 4