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Ice God's Vengeance is an Ice-themed level in Kid Chameleon. It is notorious for being (very) difficult, often ending the games of the unwary.

Ice God's Vengeance
Sources: Secrets in the Rocks, Hills of Forever, Monster Island
Exits: Beneath the Twisted Hills
Theme: Ice
Helmets: Micromax Helmet(12)
Prizes: Ice Ankh(1) Ice Clock(2) Ice Coin(2) Ice Diamond(39) Ice 10Diamonds(4)
Enemies: Emo-Rock-3(5) Tank-Shooting-2(17) Tar-Monster-2(16)
Speed Bonus: N/A
Path Bonus: N/A
Features: N/A
Map data
Level Nr: 0x2E
Map Nr: 0x3A
Map Theme: 0x2
Level Size X: 02 screens
Level Size Y: 0F screens
Grid Size: 8400 squares


If you entered this level with the Micromax helmet equipped, consider yourself lucky. If not, you have to get it in the upper right part of the level and go back down again, before you can go up on the left side which leads to the exit.

At the end you must choose from several teleporters. The second from the right is the correct one. All the others lead back to the lower floor.


  • If you cross all the way across the pit with the disappearing blocks at the beginning of the level, there are to rocket blocks that can take you to 2 prize blocks. One has an extra life, and one has ten diamonds.


  • At 15 screens (0F in hexadecimal) vertically, Ice God's Vengeance is the tallest level in the game.
  • If the player doesn't move in the beginning of the level, the Drill blocks wall will not show the drills. However, if you move and return again, the Drills will appear.
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