The intro of Kid Chameleon gives what minimal excuse for a backstory we need to start running through the levels and killing enemies. It plays right after the obligatory Sega logo.


Intro 1

During the intro, the same music as for ice-themed levels play. A futuristic virtual reality video game is shown. Its name is Wild Side.

There was a new machine
in the arcade
that one could walk into
and play.

The fade between hologram and the "real" version is shown, same as when you touch a flag.

It used holograms to create
a reality not our own.
Intro 3

One person entering the game is shown. Other people, in the ending of the game revealed to be the makers of the game, stand around waiting to play. There are three different sets of people, depending on how many times you have watched the intro. In the third set (shown here), Taz from the cartoon Taz-mania is also standing around.

Everybody played it.

Next, we get the motive for the game. There wouldn't really be any Kid Chameleon game if everything was just fine and dandy with Wild Side, would there? People are being captured in the game by the boss.

Intro 4
But it was a little too real.
The boss escaped, and began
capturing kids by defeating
them at the game.

Finally, our hero is introduced. As he turns to the camera, we get his presentation.

This is the
story of
someone too
tough to beat.

He throws down his leather jacket.

Someone known

The music climaxes at the same time as Kid gets his helmet, and the title screen is shown...


The characters Kid transforms into during the intro are:

  1. Red Stealth
  2. Maniaxe
  3. Juggernaut

The levels shown are

  1. Skydragon Castle 1
  2. Knight's Isle

During the intro, no sound effects are played when helmets are picked up. Also, for some reason, there aren't any enemies in the demo of Skydragon Castle 1.

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