Invisibility is a feature some blocks may have in Kid Chameleon. The block will gain its normal properties once revealed. There are a lot of prizes hidden all over the game.


Revealing invisible blocksEdit

There are two ways of revealing an invisible block:

  • Hit its location from underneath with your head. Because you have to jump to reveal it, you cannot reveal it if it is directly above your head. If the block is two block units above the ground, only Micromax and Juggernaut can reveal it.
  • EyeClops is able to reveal invisible blocks with his beam. This revelation lasts only a couple seconds. In levels where EyeClops appears, there's almost always something secret to reveal, sometimes even indispensable for Kid' survival (See The Cliffs of Illusion).

Invisible Blocks and Visible BlocksEdit

The actions of invisible blocks are limited by two blocks. Shifting blocks will cancel out the properties of invisible blocks, while Mushroom blocks will avoid and never appear in the same space as an invisible block.


Invisible blocks may show up in inconvenient areas when you're making difficult jumps, thus giving your jump another direction, and most likely also another fate. In The Caged Beasts invisible shooter blocks appear just when you're jumping over a shooter-block lion cage, making you hit the cage and release the lion.

Affected blocksEdit

Blocks That May Be InvisibleEdit

Blocks That May Not Be InvisibleEdit


As mentioned earlier, if there's a hidden block directly above the player's head, it cannot be revealed. Examples of hidden blocks that can't be revealed are seen in levels such as Highwater Pass 2 and The Final Marathon.

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